Delphine Wespiser supports the rapper

Delphine Wespiser supports the rapper

Delphine Wespiser is a rather frank personality. During the COVID pandemic or even during the last presidential elections, she never hid her positions. Presented yesterday as a columnist on the set of Do not touch My TVshe affirmed her support for rapper Booba in his war against ‘influencers’ as he calls them.

“Magali Berdah comes to chronicle the CPF scams on TPMP”

The topic discussed during the debate? “Booba vs the influencers”. At the beginning of August, the rapper from Boulogne did not understand the deletion of his Instagram account when he considers his recent actions to denounce influencers as being of public utility. “I denounce scammers, they close my account instead of preventing them from stealing. When I went to war and exposed their system, they started reporting my accounts all over the place. I targeted them, it’s true, but for the obvious scams they practice”, he justified himself in an interview with our colleagues from Release. He explained his intentions as follows: “Honestly, their totally fake world must fall. That’s it, that’s all. Their delirium there, drop-shipping [système de vente qui permet à des e-commerçants de vendre des produits sans avoir à les acheter, ndlr], it’s revolting. And me, because I have an impact and I am followed on the networks, it is my mission to denounce it. It can’t be a model for young people to be so stupid, redone and ugly.”

He then asked Cyril Hanouna to take part in the debate and in this story since we know the impact that TPMP can have and that the host of C8 personally knows Magali Berdah, denounced by Booba. The rapper apostrophized him on Twitter: “Cyril Hanouna. Well then Baba might be time to get his fingers out of his ass huh?! Julien Coubert real ratpi !!! Magali Berdah come to chronicle the scams at the CPF on TPMP great journalist that you are”. The main interested party then replied to him by Tweet interposed. “I’m finishing my vacation! And I’ll deal with this subject from the 1st on August 29 live! T’inkiet mon ratpi! I have no problems with that,” he assured on July 30. It is now done, especially with the debate that took place yesterday, following the passage, the day before, of Magali on the set of C8 to defend herself from the rapper’s accusations.

“I am team Booba”

Yesterday, Thursday September 1, therefore following the debate launched in TPMP, Delphine Wespiser gave her opinion on the question and confided that she had chosen her side. Géraldine Maillet first declared: “Defending influencers seems absurd to me. I’ve always kicked reality TV and I’ve always kicked influencers, especially those from reality TV, but nothing justifies cyberbullying to denounce certain things. […] Today is the start of the school year. I don’t want Berdah to commit suicide, I don’t want her to be attacked.”

Delphine also reacted and thus delivered the substance of her thought: “Me too on the bottom I am team Booba although Magali has caused us all a lot of pain because of what she is going through but it is a different subject. He does not shouldn’t throw stones at all the influence agencies. In 2019, I worked with Shauna Events and it ended very quickly because indeed, it was products that were not of good quality , it was a bit complicated in terms of organization, in terms of payments. It was very, very complicated and so we stopped. And these were products that didn’t suit me at all…”.

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