Death of Elizabeth II: the incredibly touching reaction of Prince Louis revealed

Death of Elizabeth II: the incredibly touching reaction of Prince Louis revealed

This Thursday, September 8, Queen Elizabeth II breathed her last. Since then, tributes have followed one another and the eyes of the whole world have been trained on the royal family of England. It would seem that Prince Louis has, in his own way, also paid tribute to his great-grandmother.

It is a deeply complicated weekend that the royal family of England is experiencing. Queen Elizabeth II has died aged 96 this Thursday, September 8, leaving a family and an entire world in mourning. Since then, appearances, tributes and events have followed one another. This Saturday, September 10, all international channels broadcast the coronation of Charles III, formerly Prince Charles.

A great first, because this kind of event is very rare, and the last dates back some 70 years for the coronation of Elizabeth II. Mentalities have thus evolved, giving way to novelty by accepting the presence of cameras so that this historic moment is broadcast around the world. We were thus able to see the course of this succession, and the serious faces of the royal family of England, forced to hold firm in such a moment.

Prince Louis’ tribute to Elizabeth II

On the other hand, this Saturday September 10 was also marked by the arrival of the two brothers William and Harry in Windsor. The latter were both accompanied by their wives, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. They wanted to walk side by side on Windsor Promenade to admire the bouquets of flowers, and other tributes paid to Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle, and also to greet the well-wishers, who came in large numbers to bid farewell to Her Majesty the Queen.

One of those present, 28-year-old Banita Ranow, said she heard Kate Middleton talking to children who were next to her. She explained to them that when they announced the sad news to their children, Prince Louis said: “At least grandma is with her great-grandfather now.” An innocent and so touching sentence from the youngest of the children of Kate and William. Prince Louis is now 4 years old, his sister Charlotte, 7 years old and the eldest of the siblings, Prince George, future king, 9 years old.

William and Harry reunited after the coronation of Charles III

These images of the two brothers reunited have gone around the world, and have moved a lot. A lot of rumors said they were angry, especially since the departure of Harry, who left his functions as well as abandoned his royal title. William and Harry were able to put their resentment aside to appear welded in this moment of communion.

A royal source has indeed declared that William would have personally invited his little brother as well as his wife, Meghan Markle, to join Kate and him during the walk. This appearance also marked the very first time the two brothers showed up together since their father’s coronation, Charles III. It is thus a first appearance for Kate and William as Princess and Prince of Wales.

Perhaps this is the sign of a real appeasement between Harry and the royal family, and of a sincere union in this terrible moment. Time will tell us. The two brothers will most certainly be new side by side for the funeral of their beloved grandmotherQueen Elizabeth II.

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