Death of Daniel Levi: his wife reveals the symbolic first name of their little girl with a poignant snapshot

Death of Daniel Levi: his wife reveals the symbolic first name of their little girl with a poignant snapshot

Sandrine, the wife of Daniel Lévi, shared a moving message on the singer’s Instagram account this Tuesday, September 6. In legend of it, she revealed the first name of their daughter.

This is sad news that was announced on August 6th. Daniel Lévi died at the age of 60, only a few weeks after becoming a father for the fourth time. It was his wife Sandrine who announced his death on the singer’s Insrtagram account. “My husband, my king Daniel Haim ben Sarah Lévi joined the Gan Eden“, she had simply written. This Tuesday, September 6, the widow of the singer shared a snapshot on which we can see her in the company of Abel and Rephael. In her arms is her little girl, whose first name she revealed in caption of this post.”I would have liked so much that my husband was there and revealed to you the name of our daughter…“, she first wrote before revealing that it was Daniel Lévi himself who had composed it. “It is with strong emotion that I do this for him, for us today… “NESSYEL“, can we read next. Subsequently, Sandrine wished to thank the people who have been present at her side during these last weeks.On behalf of our daughter Nessyel, her children Abel and Rephaël and myself, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your infinite support in this ordeal.”she concluded.

Sandrine Aboukrat took advantage of this Instagram post to have a thought for those who supported her during this difficult ordeal. “Thank you for carrying it with so much love and friendship and for giving it such precious moments of light.“, she first wrote before adding: “Thank you for your prayers and thank you for this endless chain of love around him. Thank you for all your messages of support and your tributes.“. The disappearance of Daniel Lévi has upset those close to him but also his fans and Sandrine Aboukrat wished to evoke the last days of her husband. “Know that despite the illness, Daniel was happy because he shared with you moments of music, friendship, emotion but also and above all moments of happiness and joy of living.“, she confided. A sizeable support that allowed Daniel Lévi to live his passion for several years. In her post, the widow of the singer also had a thought for “the medical staff of the European Hospital of Marseille“, who were by their side during these difficult times. Delicate attentions that touched the main concerned.

Daniel Lévi: what did the singer die of?

Daniel Lévi was very popular and his death was a real tragedy. Only 60 years old, the singer is died of colon cancer. It was in 2019 that he revealed his illness. Two years later, while participating in the show Naked starsbroadcast on TF1, he had recounted his fight, in order to encourage viewers to be tested at the first signs. “After an experience like mine, we realize that we are passing through“, he first explained, before adding: “It is perhaps on the order of overestimating oneself to say to oneself that I have received the letter from the Health Insurance 10 times… I don’t have time, it only concerns the others“. A mistake “extremely serious“according to him since:”You do the test, you check that you don’t have it. You take the test, you have a problem, we can treat you enough in time“, he continued. Heartbreaking secrets.

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