David Hasselhoff: before Mask Singer, 10 cameos of the actor in movies or in series

David Hasselhoff: before Mask Singer, 10 cameos of the actor in movies or in series

After Teri Hatcher last April, it was David Hasselhoff who was invited to the show “Mask Singer” broadcast on TF1 this Tuesday, September 6. The opportunity to review some cameos of the actor, a great follower of self-mockery.

After Teri Hatcher, taken from the war last April by TF1 for her show Mask Singerwho appeared in a ladybug costume, it was last night under the costume of a Cobra that David Hasselhoff was hiding, taking up the famous song My Way by Frank Sinatra.

An appearance that also makes sense. The American actor, known among other things for his roles in the Baywatch and K 2000 series, has also made a career in music as a singer. And was a judge on the show America’s Got Talent from 2006 to 2009. In 2011, he also sketched some dance steps in the US version of Dance with the stars, but was eliminated in his first performance. You can’t be good at everything.

Still, David Hasselhoff has, for many years, made a specialty of delivering many cameos in fiction on the small and big screen, playing his own role. All with a lot of self-mockery. A way also for him to stay in the spotlight, willy-nilly.

While at the 61st Monte-Carlo Television Festival to present Ze Network, a German comedy in which the former Malibu lifeguard plays himself, he confided to the microphone of First be tired of self-referencing. “I still play David Hasselhoff there, but it’s a combination of different versions of David Hasselhoff. I really play a David Hasselhoff scared by what happens to him… Because I’m an actor!” he commented.

Not even hurt ! (Dodgeball) (2004)


In the hilarious dodge ballworn by Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, Hasselhoff makes a no less hilarious appearance as the coach of a German “dodgeball” team (an equivalent of dodgeball).

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017)

The Walt Disney Company France

In Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Star-Lord confesses that he has long thought that David Hasselhof was his father. Also, the latter replaces Kurt Russell for a few seconds during one of Ego’s long tirades. It is also he who interpreter “Guardians Inferno”, the film’s flagship title, in a completely crazy clip. Singer we tell you!

Spongebob – the movie (2004)

United International Pictures (UIP)

Nobody. No one has forgotten the cameo of “Hoff” in the movie Spongebobdecked out in his red swim shorts and his buoy like Mitch was in Baywatch.

Arnold and Willy season 6 episodes 16 and 17 (1983)

Embassy Pictures Corporation

From 1983, David Hasselhofthen the hero of the series K2000 where he camps Michael Knight, makes a cameo in the series Arnold and Willythe time of two episodes, in the guise of Michael Knight, precisely.

A Dirty Shame (2004)


He makes a short appearance – but not the least – in his own role, in the satirical comedy of John Waters A Dirty Shamewhere we see him signing an autograph to a fan on the plane, before going to the toilets of the aircraft to do his little business… Note in passing the title of his reading…

Hop (2010)

Universal Pictures International France

in the comedy Hopwhich mixes live action and animation, he plays himself and appears as a member of the jury of the show America’s Got Talent where the rabbit Robbie tries his luck to become a drummer.

Baywatch – Baywatch (2017)

Paramount Pictures France

What would a reboot ofBaywatch without a cameo David Hasselhof who runs in slow motion on the beach in Malibu? Fortunately, David is there, faithful to the post, and embodies the time of a wink “The Mentor”. For the record, the actor Told that the famous Slow Motion sequences in the series, which notably allowed to admire the plastic of the lifeguards, were made because the production did not have enough money to finish the show.

Piranha 3DD (2011)

Size Films

Whether he likes it or not, Mitch’s costume sticks to his skin and it is still in the role of a rescuer in red swimming shorts that he appears in a scene of Piranha 3D 2. A performance hailed by a citation at the Razzie Award for the worst supporting role in 2013. It’s cow.

Sons of Anarchy season 4 episode 5 (2011)

FX Networks

In season 4 of Sons of Anarchyhe changes register and embodies during episode 5 a producer of lesbian porn films, Dondo Eglarian, himself a former porn star.

“Sorry For Party Rocking” – music video by LMFAO (2011)


David Hasselhof made a notable appearance in LMFAO’s “Sorry for Party Rocking” music video. We see him driving a car, in a nod to his role in K2000.

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