Danielle, the weather phenomenon that will make France hot

Danielle, the weather phenomenon that will make France hot
heat wave, is it due to hurricane Danielle?

Meteo France heat wave, is it due to hurricane Danielle?

Going from hurricane to tropical storm, then back to simple depression, Danielle does not present any danger for the French coasts, but brews very hot air from the south.

WEATHER – It floats like deja vu on the thermometer. On September 12 and 13, the temperatures will again experience a sudden heat stroke : a heat wave that will take Burgundy and the south-east to 29° Celsius, more than ten degrees above the normal seasonal. The main person responsible for this phenomenon is Danielle.

The tropical storm born in the middle of the Atlantic had worried both sides of the ocean by transforming itself, at the beginning of September, into a hurricane. After strengthening in category two, with winds of more than 150 km/h, Danielle weakened to regress, first to the state of storm tropical, then tropical depression. But the weather phenomenon, if it has lost its name (reserved for tropical storms and hurricanes), has not yet said its last word.

We can see that he should reach Galicia by Tuesdayspecifies at HuffPost, François Jobard, forecaster at Météo France, after this looping on the Atlantic which made a slightly strange loop “. To the delight of some Internet users, Danielle actually made an amazing comeback around September 7, turning on herself. The French coasts, which until then seemed threatened, found themselves out of danger on a route that was much more oriented towards the south, but with an evocative route.

No coincidence in this strange retirement. ” The hurricane encountered a mid-level cold air mass from Canada “, explained the specialist, which seriously cooled Danielle. ” These high-altitude winds disrupt tropical phenomena “, and bring down the temperature at the very heart of the storms, which pass from a ” warm heart ” has a ” cold heart », and lose in intensity. And yet, the heat is indeed back.

North African hot air

Even very weakened, even renamed, the ex-Danielle retains an unsuspected power: that of moving considerable masses of air in her path. At the forefront of its arrival on the coasts of Galicia, the air mass pushed by the depression will jostle the warm air from Africa which is currently rising towards southern Spain. ” In the northern hemisphere, the winds turn counter-clockwise “, specifies the meteorologist. Results, driven by depression, “ extremely hot air masses will overflow our way. »

This is why we will observe temperatures well – very well – above normal, throughout France but in particular in the south of the Loire. The weather forecast for France is even counting on 30° in Savoie on September 13, where the temperature is usually just over 11-12 degrees… A new wave of heat after a summer that has already broken all drought records. Be careful, however, not to put all the responsibility for this new episode on Danielle.

Beware of shortcutswarns François Jobard. We are not talking about hot air strictly coming from Danielle, there is already a hot air which preexists “. The depression only stirs up an air mass that is moving northward.

Similarly, the exceptionally hot season may not be the harbinger of future hurricanes threatening our coasts, as Danielle’s existence might suggest. The weather phenomena are complex, thus tempers François Jobard: the existence of hurricanes in the North Atlantic “ does not depend solely on the fact that we have warmer than normal waters », but also many other parameters. The fact remains that without this scorching summer, no hurricane Danielle. And without Hurricane Danielle, there’s no heat wave.

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