Dancing with the stars 2022: criticized after the first bonus, Bilal Hassani comes out of silence

Dancing with the stars 2022: criticized after the first bonus, Bilal Hassani comes out of silence

This Friday, September 9, Bilal Hassani took his first steps as a judge in Dancing with the stars, one after having played in the final. During an interview with 20 Minutes, the singer notably responded to critics who questioned his legitimacy to take on this new role.

The stars are back to ignite the TF1 dance floor. This Friday, September 9, the channel kicked off season 12 of Dance with the stars. For this new edition, twelve celebrities will compete on the floor, to the rhythm of the music and in very different styles. And to decide between them, the production of the show bet on a somewhat redesigned jury. If the dancers Chris Marques and François Alu are still present, they have been joined by two new members: the prima ballerina Marie-Agnès Gillot, and the singer Bilal Hassani, finalist of the previous season. But the appointment of the latter has cringed some Internet users, who believe that it is not legitimate to give his opinion on the performances of the participants, unlike the other jurors, all three dancers by profession. But Bilal Hassani did not want to let it go and quickly responded to criticism.

In an interview given to 20 minutes before the broadcast of the bonus, the singer first indicated that he was not at all a novice in dance. “People don’t know that I write and co-choreograph all my music videos and concerts and that I’ve been at the conservatory since I was 5 years old”he first confided, adding that he had “danced all (his) life even if (he is) not a professional dancer”. To defend himself, the interpreter of King also ventured to make an interesting comparison: “We don’t ask every food critic to be a chef in a starred restaurant’.

Bilal Hassani: “I will try to give my artistic look”

Bilal Hassani, however, acknowledged that he will not judge in the same way as the other members of the jury. “I’m not going there with the pretension of saying that I have the same technical expectations as Chris Marques, but he’s still there, we will be complementaryhe explained, before specifying how he will evaluate the celebrities on the floor of Dancing with the stars: “I will try to give my artistic look and guide each candidate towards success in terms of interpretation.”

During this interview, the singer also told our colleagues how he managed to protect himself from the many criticisms that could surge on social networks. “I am surrounded by a team that pays close attention to my mental health and well-being.”he continued, specifying that he does not “won’t let have in the game of social networks”. “I’ve been on social media for seven years and I know that not everyone is always happy, that’s how it is”he concluded.

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