Dance with the Stars: “A shame”, TF1 takes us for idiots, revolted Internet users!

Danse avec les Stars

The emblematic figures of ” Dance with the stars “ as well as new faces are part of it. Bilal Hassani is there in particular as a juror. However, if some are delighted to see the singer in the show, others are rather critical with respect to production choices.

“There is nothing going”

September 9, 2022 is certainly not not a date like the others for loyal fans of ” Dance with the stars “. It was on this day that the show returned to TF1. Once again this year, Camille Combal is in charge of hosting the program.

A real pleasure for viewers. Other former heads of the show are also back for this season. This is particularly the case for jurors Chris Marques and François Alu. That said, these are not the only coaches of the competition since two other celebrities replaced Denitsa Ikonomova and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

They are Bilal Hassani and Marie-Agnès Gillot. This September 9, 2022, viewers also got to know the candidates for this season. However, what made them react the most, even before kick-off, was the fact ofhave Bilal Hassani as a juror.

Indeed, some fans do not adhere to production decisionclaiming that it would be ” a shame “. Like what, Internet users think that Bilal Hassani has no place in the program, because he is not a dancer.

“There’s nothing right about Dancing with the Stars,” they say.

However, the artist had already participated in the competition by having as a dance partner, Jordan Mouillerac. You have to believe that that wouldn’t be enough to be accepted as a juror. Remember that last year, some fans had already been angry when they learned that Jean-Paul Gaultier was the coach of ” Dance with the stars “.

They had doubted the skill of the fashion designer in this area. However, despite the criticism, Bilal Hassani can still rely on the support of other people. Some people think that you shouldn’t judge too soon.

” Dance with the stars “ : the candidates

For this season, participants from ” Dance with the stars “ are public figures working in different fields. Among them are former Miss France Amandine Petit who has as a dance partner, Anthony Colette.

Singer Anggun also participates in the show alongside Adrien Caby. Billy Crawford will also dance in the program and his partner is none other than Fauve Hautot. Otherwise, we also have the duos Thomas Da Costa-Elsa Bois and Eva-Jordan Mouillerac.

Finally, David Douillet was also part of the show before he was eliminated from the first sequence. Next week, we will get to know other participants, such as Eva and Théo Fernandez.

We will also find Clémence Castel, Carla Lazzari, Léa Elui, Stéphane Legar as well as François Peyre. The least we can say is that this year, ” Dance with the stars “ did not do things by halves candidate side.

David Douillet’s reaction to his elimination

As we mentioned a little above, it is David Douillet who is eliminated from ” Dance with the stars “ with the stars during the episode of September 9, 2022. The judoka shared his reaction after leaving the dance competition.

He said he wanted “like to show progress”. An evolution that he can no longer do since he has been eliminated. However, despite his regret, David Douillet seems to have accepted his departure. Note that the judoka had obtained a red buzz from Chris Marques during this sequence.

To justify himself, the juror of ” Dance with the stars “ claimed David didn’t have the basics yet techniques necessary for this kind of competition. A red buzz that the judoka had taken badly.

“For me, it was tough. When you start from a negative level, in five days I gave the maximum,” he said.

Moreover, if the others candidates all tore this September 9, 2022, it was especially Billy Crawford who was the most impressive. The singer gave it his all for this first issue of ” Dance with the stars “which earned him four immunity buzzes.

The singer danced to a cha-cha-cha tune alongside Fauve Hautot. Thus, the musician is therefore qualified for the next step of ” Dance with the stars “.

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