Criticized after Juve, Gianluigi Donnarumma bounced back during PSG-Brest: “Fortunately he was decisive”

Criticized after Juve, Gianluigi Donnarumma bounced back during PSG-Brest: "Fortunately he was decisive"

It won’t silence the critics. Nor will it totally reassure skeptics. But it’s the perfect way to respond after a hectic week. Gianluigi Donnarumma brought three points to PSG this Saturday against Brest (1-0). How ? By leaving in particular magnificently a penalty of Islam Slimani in the 71st. “Luckily Gigio was decisive“, summarized on Amazon Prime Christophe Galtier.

Some gossips might have said “this time”. Because on Wednesday, Gianluigi Donnarumma revived bad memories for Parisian supporters. His hazardous exit from a corner was the cause of the reduction of the score of Juventus Turin (2-1). A hesitation which did not cost the Parisians victory, but which erased these two parades and put the debate on PSG’s number one goalkeeper back on the table while the shadow of Keylor Navas still hovers after an aborted transfer to Naples this summer.

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I’m glad I was able to help the team at the time.

Friday before the reception of Brest, Christophe Galtier even had to step up to defend the one he chose to occupy the position of number 1 this season. “Turnover to that position, no. I’m not that kind of coach“, reaffirmed the new Parisian coach. “We often forget that ‘Gigio’ is a young goalkeeper. We noted a poor appreciation of a trajectory on a corner, but I prefer his two decisive stops. Of course, I talked about it with him, I want to have a goalkeeper who comes out on set pieces, who has presence in the aerial field. He has the physique, the technique, the jump and I don’t want this error of judgment to slow him down in what I want to see. him.”

A day later, Gianluigi Donnarumma therefore justified his coach’s confidence by releasing a solid match. Marked by this stopped penalty, but also by key stops a few minutes later (76th, then 78th). “I’m happy with my stop, I’m happy for this incredible publice”, was content to slip the transalpine giant into the microphone of Amazon Prime. “I knew I could stop him, I focused on the shooter and luckily it worked out well. I’m glad I was able to help the team at the time..”

He doesn’t do too much. Aware that his match speaks for him. Because even if he was not too busy overall, he was able to be there when needed. By signaling for example to clear a corner in the air and thus repel the danger in the 37th. But especially when the Parisian boat rocked in a period marked by a not so illogical drop in its training, the Italian European champion therefore responded.

So of course, it’s only an L1 match. It will be necessary that it multiplies this kind of key benefits. May he sign other reassuring outings in the air, and in particular in another context to convince everyone in Paris, where he has not always been blameless since his arrival and especially since his completely missed outing on the evening of March 9 last against Real Madrid (3-1) which made Karim Benzema happy. But it’s always good to get your head up quickly. Good for the mind. For trust. To keep moving forward in order to also justify the praise of Neymar who described him as a “phenomenal guardian” this week in an interview for DAZN. What the former Milanese has not yet demonstrated on the length in Paris.

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