Covid-19. Will the seventh wave ruin our summer vacation?

Covid-19.  Will the seventh wave ruin our summer vacation?

Threat to summer. As July approaches, the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise sharply with the spread of the BA.5 variant. With more than 60,000 cases per day, the seventh wave is affecting France, like much of the rest of Europe. And if the impact in the hospital is for the moment moderate, the increase in contamination raises fears of the return of pressure in emergencies already in difficulty.

Faced with this situation, are we heading towards a return to restrictions? We take stock.

A return of the mask in transport not excluded

May 14 was lifted wearing a mask in transport, as a sign that the epidemic was behind us. But for the past few days, several voices in the medical community, including that of Alain Fischer – Chairman of the Vaccine Strategy Advisory Board – on a personal basisor the federation of public hospitals, plead for a return of the compulsory mask in transport.

In the government, we call on civic responsibility, the idea is not to return to more restrictive measures for the moment, summarized the Minister of Health Brigitte Bourguignon. She didn’t rule out other measures if necessary. If it is necessary consider a return of the mask in transport […] we do not prohibit anythingassured Thursday the spokesperson, Olivia Grégoire.

The Minister of Positive Culture for festivals

Is the festival season threatened? For now, the government is reassuring. There is a recovery of the Covid at the moment, you have to be very vigilant, wash your hands, resume barrier gestures […] test yourself every time you have a doubtfirst indicated Culture Minister Rima Abdul Malak visiting Hellfest, a metal festival in Clisson (Loire-Atlantique).

However, we are vaccinated in France, normally we have no risk of putting back constraints or reducing the gauges. The festivals of this summer will, if all goes well, take place in good conditions​, she added.

A return of the health pass?

According to a draft bill aimed at maintaining a monitoring and health safety system ​until March 2023, the government plans to only use the health pass on arrival in France, Corsica and overseas. For non-vaccinated people, a negative test is always necessary to travel to these territories or to return to France after a trip abroad.

This document, however, does not provide for extending beyond July 31 the possibility of restoring the state of health emergency, nor a health or vaccination pass to restrict access to certain places or gatherings.

The state of health emergency and the measures to end the crisis will end on July 31.told theAFP the office of the Minister of Health. However, it is essential to remain very vigilant because the virus is still there. This text must therefore allow us to keep the tools essential for monitoring, managing the epidemic and protecting the French.​.

Where can we travel?

In Europe, most countries are accessible without restriction. Only Portugal and Finland require a negative test for the unvaccinated. Several African countries, such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia or South Africa impose the same rule.

Others, such as the United States, Canada, Brazil or Australia still prohibit access to their territories to non-vaccinated people. Finally, access is still impossible in four countries, including for those vaccinated: China, Turkmenistan, North Korea and Taiwan.

Covid-19. Will the seventh wave ruin our summer vacation?

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