come with us aboard the new French sedan

come with us aboard the new French sedan

For its return to the large compact family, which Citroën had abandoned in 2017 since the disappearance of the C4 Cactus, the Chevrons were no less original than usual. Thus his new C4 once again blurs the lines between a classic compact, the small SUV or even, for some, the fastback. But despite this offbeat silhouette, this C4 could not take up the torch from the trunk models sold on other continents. There was therefore still a place for this new C4 X, which nevertheless adapts the specifications to its time..

An imposed figure, it is a four-door sedan with a trunk in the back. The reason ? Offer a large boot and have a clear separation between the passenger compartment and the load space. This is a preference of Jordanian or Moroccan customers, whether they are people transport professionals or not, and this model is aimed first. In fact, from the C4 launched two years ago with us, this X takes up, with a ladle, 80% going from front to back, the remaining 20% ​​corresponding to its specific stern. By extending the overhang by 24 cm, bringing the total length to 4.60 m and the boot volume to 510 l (against 380 l for the 5-door body), the C4 X has a larger size than its matrix (4.36 m).

Not a cheap C4

The new Citroën C4 X is stretched by 24 cm.
The new Citroën C4 X is stretched by 24 cm.© Citroen

If it adopts for the occasion specific rear lights, this Citroën also plays the card of the quirky style side. Large diameter wheels, protective black plastic bodywork and optical illusion of higher ground clearance than it actually is (15.6 cm)this sedan takes up the codes of the SUV universe, a little in the spirit, but in a completely different form from what the new Peugeot 408 offers.

Basically, this C4 X has nothing to envy to the “standard” C4. Apart from a rear bench seat with a higher degree of inclination (27°, i.e. 2 more than the 5-door) in order to improve the feeling of comfort and space for the passengers, but not to increase it since the wheelbase is identical (2.67 m), we are dealing stricto sensu with the same car. This therefore means that, in terms of equipment, this C4 with trunk offers the same refinements with, on the top-of-the-range versions, massaging seats, a head-up display or even, facing the passenger, the drawer for storing a multimedia tablet and the support for installing it. The C4 X is also up to date on the multimedia side with the inevitable touch screen on board (10 inches), the latter being able to serve the driver’s smartphone with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. In short, no jealousy between the two sisters, who come from the same factory located in the Madrid region..

A proven technical base

Interior of the new Citroën C4 X.
Interior of the new Citroën C4 X.© Citroen

Based on the CMP platform of the Stellantis group, the C4 X uses the suspensions with hydraulic stops and the engines of its sister. We therefore find the traditional with two PureTech gasoline (100 and 130 hp) and BlueHDi diesel (130 hp). Note that the most powerful versions are automatically associated with the eight-speed automatic transmission when the basic one represents the only mechanical proposal. The seasoned sedan will also be available in 100% electric which will even be the only proposal in many Western European countries. If this seems logical in the northern countries, such as the Netherlands, it is more unexpected for Portugal, because the Iberian Peninsula is traditionally the biggest outlet for four-door bodies. That said, no surprise either for this engine since we find the 136 hp electric motor combo and the 50 kWh battery to travel up to 360 km of autonomy. Not enough to make it the best electric sedan on the market, but enough to attract a few passenger transport professionals, especially since the prices should be attractive. Marketing is not expected before the fall, but we can count on a few hundred euros more than the “normal” C4, i.e. a base price of around €22,300.

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