Clémence Castel, participant of Dancing with the stars: “I am more comfortable on a pole than on a parquet floor”

Clémence Castel, participant of Dancing with the stars: "I am more comfortable on a pole than on a parquet floor"

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The Ariégeoise Clémence Castel no longer leaves the television sets. This Friday evening, the double winner of Koh-Lanta enters the competition in the program Dance with the stars, broadcast on TF1.

In two years, you have accumulated participation in Koh-Lanta, Fort Boyard, Les Traitors, and now Danse avec les stars (DALS). You don’t leave the small screen anymore…

Beyond Koh-Lanta, I think I have an adventurous temperament in life. I like to multiply the experiences that allow me to challenge myself. And I find that in all these shows. I am lucky that I am offered to live quite new adventures, so I would find it a shame not to seize these opportunities. Thanks to them, I feel like I’m moving forward and knowing myself better.

You must be in high demand. How do you sort the proposals?

Since my first Koh-Lanta, in 2005, there are certain things that I have accepted, others that I have refused. I always wonder if the proposed adventure suits me, and if it is an area in which I will flourish. Dancing with the Stars (DALS) is something you don’t expect me to do, but I’m sure I can experience great emotions there. It happened to me to refuse things because I did not feel them, that I did not feel in my place there. I am thinking in particular of pure reality TV, which is an area in which I do not project myself at all.

Why did you choose to participate in Dancing with the Stars?

It’s a show I’ve been watching for years. It has always made me dream. So, yes, we are very far from the jungle, the desert island and survival (laughs), but seeing people evolve in this field and surpass themselves to achieve a goal, I have always liked that. I consider that a course in DALS is like a sports course. We train, we evolve, and every week, we try to improve. And then, I find it great to be able to convey emotions through dance. I’m a newbie, so this is going to be my biggest challenge on this show.

Will you represent an association?

This was the case on The Traitors. There, there is not necessarily an association represented. Exactly, I have the honor of being the godmother of the Rêves association, for which I played in the Traitors. It made me happy to put them forward, because they make the dreams of sick children come true. Anyway, I try to make them shine a little throughout the year, and to make myself available when possible.

After two victories at Koh-Lanta and another on Les Traitors, you must be motivated to go all the way on this new show…

I’m not going to hide from you that I love to win… And that I hate to lose! (smile) Now, whether in Koh-Lanta or in other shows, I try to always be in the same state of mind, telling myself that I’m going on an adventure that I don’t know, and that I will therefore try to give the best of myself every day. And if giving my best leads me to winning, I will seize the opportunity. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In Koh-Lanta, I am often told about my two victories. But I remember that out of my four participations, there are also two defeats (laughs). Then you have to accept it. I played a lot of tennis, and that taught me how to lose. We must ensure that the defeat is a useful learning for the future. Afterwards, for DALS, the task will be very hard, since I am starting from scratch. I’m more comfortable on a post than on a floor. (smile) Today there are candidates who have more experience. So it’s up to me to learn as quickly as possible, to try to reduce the chasm that separates us, without having any regrets.

Dance is therefore not a discipline that speaks to you, originally…

I dance in my living room, but it stops there. (laughs) I like to move my body to music, but I have absolutely no technique. However, in dances like the waltz or the tango, even if the interpretation also plays a part, the technique has a very important part. So I want to test myself in these areas, and nothing better than DALS for that.

How did the first training go?

Rather very well, it reminded me of my years of sport-study. At the time, I ate and slept tennis. There, it’s the same, but with the dance! (smile) For the past few days, my life has revolved around that, and it’s terribly exciting. What proves that I like it is that even after training is over, I go back to the apartment and redo choreographies, just because I want to. That’s already a winning bet. Then, I must say that my coach is a wonderful dancer who helps me a lot.

For the first time in the history of the show, you will therefore form a female duo. What does this represent for you?

TF1 and the production gave me the luxury of choosing whether I wanted to dance with a man or a woman. I asked myself the right questions. And since this is an area that I don’t know, I wondered who I would be most comfortable dancing with. To put myself in the best conditions, I preferred to dance with a woman. Dancing with the stars is also a stripping bare, where we show who we really are. The fact of forming a duo with a woman clearly gives meaning to my participation. Afterwards, I don’t want to be anyone’s representative, I just want to show that two women together, it’s beautiful, it can be smiling, dynamic, and it’s absolutely not inevitable, because we can very live well happy (sic) like that.

During this show, you will notably find David Douillet – with whom you shared the winnings on Les Traitors – as a competitor…

There is not so much notion of competition. It will be more of a challenge with myself. I have to overcome certain barriers with my body, the feminine side, etc. I hope that David will also have a good run. I will be delighted to see him evolve on the floor.
Do you have other projects that you want to carry out after Dancing with the stars?

I like to say that all of life is an adventure. So I don’t close any doors. Afterwards, I’m going to be 38 years old, I’m starting to have a little experience in front of the cameras, in animation too, so I would like a channel to trust me to host a game or a show that could suit me . I really like the relationship with the camera in that environment, so if it can lead to that, I won’t hesitate to seize the opportunity.

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