Cindy Fabre: who is Jean-Marc, her companion and father of her son?

Cindy Fabre: who is Jean-Marc, her companion and father of her son?

Elected Miss France in 2005, Cindy Fabre succeeds Sylvie Tellier at the head of the committee. The beauty queen can count on the support of Jean-Marc, her companion, and their son, Elio.

For Cindy Fabre, it’s a new life that begins. Elected Miss France in 2005, it is she who succeeds Sylvie Tellier at the head of the committee. “To represent the Miss France brand, I naturally thought of Cindy Fabre (…) She has all the professional and human qualities necessary to succeed in her new role and best support young women in their role as embodying Miss France values”, announced Alexia Laroche-Joubert, the president of Miss France, in a press release. If Cindy Fabre accepted this proposal, she will continue to manage her event company based in Dijon. “In my office, I always have a Miss France file with lots of new ideas that I submit each year. It’s a continuity.” she confided in the columns of Parisian. For this new challenge that she is launching, Cindy Fabre will be able to count on the support of her husband.

In a relationship since 2007, Cindy Fabre and Jean-Marc have actually known each other for much longer. “I have known him since my childhood because his mother is the best friend of mine”, she confided in 2012 in the columns of Public. A year after falling in love, the Miss France and her companion left the grayness of Paris to settle on the Côte d’Azur. “I needed sun and warmth. I live in Juan-les-Pins with Jean-Marc”, she confided to our colleagues. Accomplices in intimate life, the two have also carried out several projects hand in hand. “We opened a restaurant close to the Palais des Festivals in Cannes: la Fabrik. We work as a familydescribed Cindy Fabre. Jean-Marc’s mother is in the kitchen, preparing homemade meals, I manage customer relations. I also make cocktails and chocolate desserts, my indulgence.”

Cindy Fabre: why her delivery was complicated

Very discreet about their relationship, Cindy Fabre and Jean-Marc prefer to live their romance away from the spotlight, photographers and the media. For example, we do not know the last name of the companion of the former Miss France. In 2012, they decided to become parents for the very first time. “It’s no picnic! [..] But as long as the baby is fine, it doesn’t matter, I can suffer a little! joked the former beauty queen, then 27 years old. The main thing is the health of the baby. Rather sporty, I don’t worry, I will find the line. I didn’t wait to be pregnant to eat well. Those around me are used to seeing me with very full plates. Pregnancy makes you feel less guilty! I no longer eat chocolate, I prefer salty. And I don’t have any cravings at 6 a.m. yet!”

And as happiness never comes alone, her companion had asked her to marry! “He proposed while on vacation in Hawaii. We were at the highest peak of the islands, watching the sunset… At the moment, we haven’t set a date because we would like to organize something Something original, which requires a bit of preparation. As soon as we have more time, we’ll get to it!”, then assured Cindy Fabre. On November 15, 2012, the former Miss France gave birth to a baby boy at the Archet hospital in Nice. Mom filled with a little Elio, she confided to Gala that her delivery had not been easy. “It was tiring and painful, Cindy Fabre modestly confessed. But in the end everything turned out well.”

Cindy Fabre experienced the baby blues

With Here Paris, the one who was a TV host revealed to have given birth a month in advance. “We didn’t think it was going to happen so soon.she confided. My fiancé told me let’s go and I replied: ‘I’m not ready, I don’t have my hair done’.” If Jean-Marc apprehended the delivery of Miss France, he was an incredible help. “But when the time came, he forgot all his fears,” rejoiced this mother hen. If she is fulfilled by her son Elio, Cindy Fabre has nevertheless experienced a small period of baby blues after giving birth to him. “I had it in the maternity ward. It lasted three days, and I burst into tears for nothing. It was impressive, quite strange”, she described in the columns of Here Paris. Although discreet about her companion, she regularly publishes photos of her child on social networks.

It is therefore supported by the two men in her life that Cindy Fabre challenges herself to take over the reins of the Miss France committee. In the columns of Le Parisien, she said she was armored to face the media coverage. “At 19, I was a little girl with small shoulders who came out of my Normandy, I was not ready… Paris, the media, luxury brands… I was discovering. There was no no accompaniment, no preparation, it was destabilizing.Today, the girls master social networks thoroughly whereas in my time, Facebook was just starting, we were on ADSL, there were 140 characters per SMSshe jokes in the columns of our colleagues. I’m not from the age of dinosaurs, but today is different. For me, the light must be especially put on the Miss in title. Me, I don’t look for it… Except to put on my makeup in the morning!”

Cindy Fabre, a strong woman

At the head of the Miss France organization, Cindy Fabre intends to continue the projects initiated by Sylvie Tellier and Alexia Laroche-Joubert. “Society is changing and luckily we are changing with it, to keep this image of modernity! All international competitions are also changing, particularly in terms of age, so if we don’t adapt, we will be disadvantaged, she analyzed, still in the columns of the Parisian. For transgender people, this is a non-issue. You have to be a woman in civil status, the rest is private, it’s nobody’s business. As for celibacy, there have always been Misses who have had boyfriends but who hid it. Former beauty queen, TV presenter, model, at the head of a restaurant and an event company… Cindy Fabre is an all-terrain woman. Eighteen years after being elected, she therefore puts on a new crown.

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