Caroline of Monaco in tears: this tragic appointment that she had to honor in disaster

Caroline of Monaco in tears: this tragic appointment that she had to honor in disaster

June 24 was made a day of mourning by Prince Albert II of Monaco for the funeral of Sergeant Thierry Pérard. The prince could not attend this national tribute, he was in Norway. Caroline of Monaco, meanwhile, attended this tragic meeting in tears.

  • Sergeant Thierry Pérard lost his life following a fatal fire in the Principality.
  • Prince Albert II of Monaco insisted that we pay him a national tribute.
  • Caroline of Monaco had to replace Prince Albert at the funeral on June 24, 2022.
  • Caroline of Monaco were in tears during this tragic meeting.

Caroline of Monaco, 65, had to replace Prince Albert II of Monaco at the national tribute mass organized for Thierry Pérard. Sergeant Thierry Pérard is the firefighter who lost his life in the line of duty. The sergeant intervened to fight a violent fire which took place in an apartment located on avenue Princesse-Grace, on June 19, 2022. Prince Albert of Monaco, 64, himself had decided to make June 24 a day of national mourning. The flags were at half mast throughout the Principality on Friday June 24, 2022. The husband of Charlene of Monaco also elevated Sergeant Pérard to the rank of Staff Sergeant among firefighters. “He also named the late knight of the Order of Saint-Charles posthumously“, precise Royal Stories.

The Monegasque sovereign currently being in Norway with his familyhe has not unable to attend the national tribute in person of the firefighter hero. The Princess of Hanover arreplaced his brother for this heavy unforeseen task. Extremely moved, the sister of Prince Albert II did not couldn’t help shedding a few tears during the funeral. Princess Caroline of Hanover wore sunglasses at the start of the ceremony. “After several interventions from colleagues and relatives, Princess Caroline couldn’t hold back her tears and she took off her glasses to wipe her eyes several times“, reports Royal Stories.

Caroline of Hanover: this gesture of tenderness towards the relatives of the deceased

Deeply affected by this tragedy, Caroline of Monaco did not couldn’t help shedding a few tears. However, Princess Caroline of Hanover knows that she was also at Monaco Cathedral. to comfort the family of the deceased. Overwhelmed by grief, Sergeant’s relatives Thierry Pérard were in tears. At the end of the mass, the Princess of Hanover closer to bereaved family members. Caroline of Monaco wiped the tears from the faces of loved ones and emotionally hugged one of them.

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