Camille leaves Montpellier (Detailed summary of episode 975)

un si grand soleil en avance du 9 septembre 2022 News Actual

Un Si Grand Soleil” in advance with the detailed summary of episode 975 of Friday September 9, 2022–. In this new episode, Camille leaves her family and flies to Korea while a new teacher arrives at high school.


such a big sun in advance of September 9, 2022 News Actual
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Un Si Grand Soleil Summary in advance episode 975 of September 9, 2022

Christophe is more relaxed, which does not escape his Cécile. He apologizes to his companion for his attitude these past few days. Cécile tells her how difficult it is for her at the moment. She is particularly affected by the accident which affected the young boy, the one who was knocked down by the drug traffickers’ car. Judge Alphand deplores that the police investigation stalls when Christophe suffers from severe chest pain. He puts that pain down to stress. Cécile encourages him to go see a doctor.

Upon arriving at the office, Charles finds a non-animal painkiller. Christophe makes her believe that he sometimes administers some when it’s out of stock, and then tells her that he went on a romantic weekend with his girlfriend. Charles is intrigued by her lies, and begins to doubt the vet.

For his part, Patrice is better, but he must always remain hidden. He explains to his wife during a telephone conversation that Franck has taken over with the Spanish supplier. Eva, she can’t stand being stuck in the shop any more, especially since she misses her husband. But after hanging up with his wife, Patrice has a sharp pain at the level of his quoter.

The police wonder how Eva and Patrice communicate. She finally makes a major discovery. Thierry and Aya continue to monitor the Angel shop. A customer in the store catches the attention of Thierry and Aya. He had already come two days earlier. The two police officers follow him. They see him throw a bag in a trash can. It is a prepaid cell phone.

Margot shares with Antonin her fears about Christophe. She’s sure her brother-in-law is hiding something. Margot tells Antonin that she saw Christophe a few months earlier with a teenager he seemed close to.

For his part, Christophe consults Alain who gives him a heart check-up. Everything is normal. Alain thinks that Christophe is somatizing and that there is no need to worry.


Kira is in bad spirits. Between Louis who no longer calculates her and Camille who leaves for Korea, she experiences difficult times in high school while a new teacher, Damien is making his comeback. It does not leave the fairer sex indifferent.

Manu and Laetitia accompany Camille and Steve to the airport. Steve promises Manu to take care of his daughter. Goodbyes are touching. Now serene, Camille boards the plane with a smile. She sends her friends a selfie. Kira barely acknowledges the blow. She already misses Camille. Manu and Laetitia have a revival of nostalgia and immerse themselves in family photo albums. Manu is moved to tears.

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