Camille Combal dad: this first rather disturbing photo of her baby

Camille Combal dad: this first rather disturbing photo of her baby

This Thursday, June 30, Camille Combal unveiled a very first photo of her baby. On his Instagram account, he posted a surprising snapshot that greatly amused his subscribers.

Camille Combal couldn’t be happier… After months of clothing-maintained suspense, the host and his companion, Marie, became parents for the first time. It is the fulfilled mother who sold the wick, at the end of May. Indeed, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the young woman revealed in Instagram story a message that did not go unnoticed: “Happy Mother’s Day. Becoming a mother made me understand how absolute this role is, a whirlwind that overturns everything. The most beautiful of miracles”. Shortly after, the host of TF1 had confirmed the good news … with a lot of humor, as he knows how to handle it brilliantly. In story, he had published a video of him, visibly exhausted to hear his companion sing the rhyme “Oh Crocodiles” to their newborn.

Very discreet about his family life, Camille Combal pleased his subscribers this Thursday, June 30… by sharing a very first photo of his child. But no cute shot on the horizon since the host of TF1 has chosen to reveal a surprising photo, and a bit disturbing. We see him pose all smiles while holding his baby on his lap. But the face of the infant – dressed in a jersey and shorts in the colors of Olympique de Marseille, his dad’s favorite football club – is not revealed since Camille Combal has inserted his own face on that of his baby. “Yeah my spoil…”commented the host, using the words of the song Organized band.

Camille Combal: who is his wife?

In comments, the host’s subscribers had fun: “Ohlala, this child looks more and more like his mother”, “Too beautiful, this spoiled one. well, personally, I prefer a PSG jersey”, “His Father’s Clone”“As the first official photo of the Royal Baby, we are spoiled!”. As a reminder, the happy parents have been in a relationship for several years, but only very rarely appear together. “She is a journalist and does TV, but we don’t want to dwell on our private life. She doesn’t want to be reduced to ‘the wife of’, I think…”, he said in an interview with Télé Magazine. Camille Combal and Marie Treille Stefani said “yes” to life in July 2019 during an intimate ceremony organized in the south of France. And for the past few weeks, they have therefore enlarged their family!

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