Brigitte Macron adopts the perfect jacket color for fall

Brigitte Macron adopts the perfect jacket color for fall

Known throughout the world for perpetuating the chic “à la Française”, Brigitte Macron, 69, does not intend to say his last word anytime soon. His last fashion coup dates back to September 14. That day, the First Lady, on the occasion of the discovery of a new table of the Council of Ministers, caused a sensation. The reason: she wears a jacket right in the trends of the momentand in a color that brings energy in this (almost) beginning of autumn.

The jacket in question: a model officer with golden buttons, lapel collar and marked shoulders, perfect for her stretched morphology. But the most impressive is the color of this fall jacket: a fiery red, which shows off her blonde hair beautifully. To complete her look, Brigitte Macron remained true to herself and her clothing preferences. Slim pants to hug her long slender legs, and a little black top so as not to clash with the striking red of the jacket.

Brigitte Macron red jacket: ultra chic models

Tweed jacket with pockets

Tweed jacket with pockets



Jacket trend: how to dress like Brigitte Macron?

Every fall, many jackets and coats return to the fashion scene and are part of the trends. In the classic category, we find for example the houndstooth blazer where the trench coat. Less easy to wear but just as popular: the varsity varsity jacket, or the tweed jacket. But at the end of the year, Brigitte Macron seems determined to bring back the officer’s red jacket under the projectors. It must be said that it has everything to please: a fitted cut that rebalances the shoulders with the rest of the body, a marked waist for an ultra feminine side, and, of course, a warm color that brings a little liveliness in these days that slowly but surely begin to shorten. How to wear the red jacket this fall? How to copy the look of Brigitte Macron? Nothing could be simpler, everything is in a question of morphology.

  • If you are rather tall and thinopt like Brigitte Macron for jeans or slim pants, a pair of leather ankle boots or white sneakers clean and trendy. We avoid the overload of information, knowing that the red of the jacket alone dresses the silhouette. Not too much jewellery, then, and why not a pretty black bag to slip over the shoulder of your choice.
  • If you are rather short and plump, opt for a red jacket with well-defined shoulders, and which stops right at the waist to lengthen your silhouette. On the bottom side, we recommend straight black pants, to be paired with a nice pair of heels. Pumps if you have the courage to put them on all day, or leather ankle boots. Even white platform sneakers. Avoid the oversize, which tends to weigh down the silhouette.

What colors go with red? How to wear red clothes?

One might think that red is a difficult color to wear, because it is very showy. However, this is not the case: like any color, it blends perfectly with other colors. The idea being, once again, to know how to choose the colors and the clothes that will do you honor.

Red jacket: classic models

Does red go with everything? The answer is Nope. We avoid wearing red with pink for example, two colors that clash with each other. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from marrying a red jacket with pants of an electric color if you feel in a daring mood, like yellow. With a red garment, be careful not to choose a green that is too fir for another element of your look, for the sole purpose of avoiding looking like Mrs. Claus.

How to wear the red jacket? In coat and long version

On the other hand, the red marries marvelously with the black and the White. Our fashion advice for being ultra trendy this fall 2022? Wear a red jacket, like that of Brigitte Macron, with a white and blue striped shirt with pussy bow, slim black leather pants and a nice pair of pumps. All for one neo-bourgeois and rock result, super chic. Because if it is not the easiest color to combine, red remains the “woman fatal” pigmentation par excellence.

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