Brest Stadium. What to remember from the humiliation at Le Blé against Montpellier – Stade Brestois

Brest Stadium.  What to remember from the humiliation at Le Blé against Montpellier - Stade Brestois
  • 1. Huge ignition delay

  • It did not take long, this Sunday at Francis-Le Blé, to witness a real shipwreck of the Brest defense. From the 5th minute, on its first foray into the Finistère camp, the MHSC found the fault, on the counter, by Maouassa. On the action, Duverne is slow to intervene to prevent the ex-Rennes from shooting. A cold snap quickly followed by two other goals before the quarter-hour mark, less attributable to individual errors, but just as damaging on arrival.

    On the fourth goal, signed Cozza following a corner, the Montpellier player does not even seem to be scoring on purpose. And on the fifth, the ball first hit the post before Wahi found the net in a forest of Brest legs. As if the Gods of football had decided to go after Bizot’s cage, located during this first period just in front of the brand new Quimper road stand. Sacred baptism of fire…

  • 2. A non-existent offensive animation

  • Very badly embarked on the defensive level, the SB29 also had a lot of trouble on the offensive level. Omlin, the Hérault goalkeeper, hardly had the opportunity to shine during the initial 45 minutes, where most of the game took place in the Finistère camp. Consequently, the attacking players Belaïli, Le Douaron or even Perreira Lage (in a 4-2-3-1 scheme) did not have much to eat, nor in the beginning of a constructed action nor in a situation to be exploited near the opposing goal.

    With entries from Slimani and Honorat at the break, then from the wisp Karamoko (68′), an improvement was expected. But in the meantime, the exclusion of Lees-Melou upon returning from the locker room has reshuffled the cards. Apart from a few vague opportunities on distant set pieces, the Brestois did not create more danger in front of the visiting cage. On the contrary, it was Montpellier who added a sixth, then a seventh, through Valère Germain (64′). The chalice to the dregs…

  • 3. An irregularity that challenges

  • Remaining on two fairly convincing outings, against Marseille (1-1) then Angers (3-1), the SB29 experienced great turbulence this Sunday against Montpellier. In proportions greater than a first shock, during the first day in Lens. Despite losing by one goal (3-2), Michel Der Zakarian’s men had been seriously tossed about for almost an hour before reacting. Lack of impact, defensive fragility and lack of offensive momentum: Brest’s problems were even more marked, therefore, three weeks later.

    This irregularity in the content raises questions, while the team seemed to have matured during the offseason with an unchanged staff and promising recruits. In short, there is still work to do before finding real stability in Ligue 1.


    Referee: Mr. Bollengier. 11546 spectators.

    GOALS. Montpellier: Maouassa (6′), Wahi (10′, 31′), Khazri (11′), Cozza (25′), Germain (63′, 84′)

    Warning. Montpellier: Nordin (62′)

    Exclusion. Brest Stadium: Lees-Melou (50′)

    BREST: Bizot – Duverne, Chardonnet (cap.), Dari, Brassier (Camara, 46′) – Magnetti (Honorat, 46′), Belkebla – Pereira-Lage (Uronen, 85′), Lees-Melou – Belaïli (Dembélé, 67′) – Le Douaron (Slimani, 46′).

    Replacements: Blazquez (left), Mbock, Camblan, Cardona. Coach: Mr. Der Zakarian.

    MONTPELLIER: Omlin – F. Sacko, Jullien, Cozza (Esteve, 54′), Sainte-Luce – Ferri (cap.), Chotard – Nordin (Leroy, 67′), Khazri (Germain, 54′), Maouassa (Souquet, 67′) – Wahi (Makouana, 80′).

    Replacements: Carvalho (left), Tchato, Allix, Loubatières. Trainer: O. Dall’Oglio.

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