Brad Pitt: in his war against Angelina Jolie, the actor can count on his French neighbors

Brad Pitt: in his war against Angelina Jolie, the actor can count on his French neighbors

Since his divorce from Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt has been massively supported by his neighbors in order to keep his castle located in the Var, as reported by Le Parisien in an article published on Tuesday, June 28.

In April 2019, the divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was officially pronounced, after 12 years of common life, two years of marriage and six children. Since then, the ex-couple has continued to tear each other apart, especially over the Château de Miraval. A property located in the town of Corrensin the Var, in which they had settled in May 2008. In October 2021, the American actress finally sold its shares of the Provençal estate to a Russian businessman, specialized in Vodka.

A situation that does not suit Brad Pitt at all, who wants at all costs save his vines which allow him to produce his famous rosé. The actor therefore filed a complaint against his ex-wife, who allegedly sold his shares behind his back. If the inhabitants of Correns do not follow the legal stories of the two actors, many are those who particularly appreciate the actor of fight club. “Here, we like Brad. He has already come to a restaurant in the village for lunch incognito. He was made up: with a beard and a hat. No one recognized him until the check or he spoke English” confided Sophie, a former employee, to the Parisian.

Brad Pitt “knew how to blend into the Provençal way of life”.

If the 58-year-old man is particularly appreciated in the Var, it is because he really invests in its wine business. According to Delphine, an employee of the vines which touch those of the Château de Miraval: “Brad Pitt, you never know when he’s coming, but what we’re sure of is that he loves his French wine and is ready to fight to keep it. He monitors production like a real pro!“.

Finally, some locals judge Angelina Jolie very snobbish and don’t particularly appreciate it. Henri, a pensioner, explained of the former couple: “He knew how to blend into the Provençal way of life: relaxed. Angelina, no wonder she wants to get rid of Miraval. She never liked it here. It’s always Brad Pitt that we saw arriving by helicopter“. If the actor has not yet won his legal battle, he has at least won the hearts of the locals of Correns.

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