Bordeaux regains values ​​and colors [Joueur par joueur Bordeaux-Dijon] – Girondins

Bordeaux regains values ​​and colors  [Joueur par joueur Bordeaux-Dijon] - Girondins

After the defeat at Saint-Étienne (2-0), the Girondins had to rediscover what has been their strength since the start of the season, namely organization, rigor, combativeness and solidarity. The contract is completed against Dijon, let’s look at the player by player.

Bordeaux regains values ​​and colors  [Joueur par joueur Bordeaux-Dijon]

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David Guion : continuity, adjustment at the margin, and adaptation to injured days. David Gion was able to put together a successful team by integrating Zuriko Davitashvili perfectly and leaving Michelin and Badji on the bench. He does not want to upset his work since the start of the season while maintaining his principles.

Gaetan Poussin : his stoppage on the line following a point-blank header in added time allows him to earn 2 points for the team. Before that, with the exception of a missed raise, he played a perfect game. Moreover, he displayed his leadership in speaking and attitude.

Stian Gregersen : the boss of the defense. Quick on his support and solid in the duel. He leaves on injury at 67 ‘.

Yoann Barbet : cramps 25 minutes from the end of the match, he resists to give up his place at 86 ‘. He is valuable in aerial duels with 4 duels won in the air out of 5 played.

Malcolm Bokele : what a match again for the Cameroonian international hopeful! He passes in the axis at the 67 as soon as he leaves Gregersen. Before that, he is perfect on his right side with 3 attempted crosses, and above all a big athletic presence on his right side. He should have obtained a penalty following an opposing foul on him in the area.

Vital Nsimba : a full match offensively and defensively. He gets the penalty at 8′ which Maja transforms. Hyper available for his partners, he also directs the game with a perfect cross from left to right. He centers 5 times, and shoots once on goal off target.

Tom Lacoux : the balance of the team goes through him. He projected his game forward more than usual. 89% of successful passes, 3 duels won, two successful crosses and a wonder pass for Bakwa in the second half. Issouf Sissokho came into play at 76 ‘is the origin of the recovery of the ball on the second Bordeaux goal.

fransergio : 38 balls played, little influence on the game of the team which passes by the sides. It is not decisive and has more often evolved in 9 and a half. He sometimes comes back to get the ball behind, but he couldn’t manage to play forward and set the tempo. Aliou Badji comes into play at 86′ and gives the decisive pass to Davitashvili on the second goal.

Danylo Ihnatenko : his roughness helps clean up the midfield and relieve the team athletically. He managed his yellow card well, received very early in the match (10′). He ended up central defender with Bokele in the last 10 minutes after the exit of Yoann Barbet.

Zuriko Davitashvili : first successful appearance for the Georgian international in front of the Bordeaux public. He has two big chances from inside the 18 meters that he does not convert in the first half. Nevertheless, he was not discouraged and scored Bordeaux’s second goal with a dry shot from the left foot. Also note his tactical rigor throughout the game.

Dilan Bakwa : he only lacks realism, as against Saint-Étienne. He set the Dijon defense on fire with his dribbles and technical gestures. He had the ball 2-0 from Tom Lacoux in the second half, but he didn’t convert that offering. Ditto on a good serve from Josh Maja, Bakwa fails to score 6 meters from the goal.

Josh Maja : a good physical presence 20 meters from goal with play in deflection and delivery. He serves Bakwa perfectly in the first period. He plays 90 minutes again and gives his all in pressing and defensive replacement. Finally, he scored the 1-0 penalty without shaking, his 4th this season.

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