Benjamin Mendy tried for rape: first chilling testimony from a complainant, “I kept pushing him away”

Benjamin Mendy tried for rape: first chilling testimony from a complainant, "I kept pushing him away"

Benjamin Mendy’s trial continues this Wednesday, June 17. At the helm, an alleged victim gave a moving testimony.

It is a case that has caused a lot of talk. In August 2021, Benjamin Mendy was placed in pre-trial detention following several rape complaints against him. A year later, the list of charges has grown and his trial began on August 10. He is judged in the company of Louis Saha Matturie who would be his accomplice. The footballer decided to plead not guilty to all charges against him. This Wednesday, August 17, it is an alleged victim who gave a moving testimony to the bar. The young woman first explains that she met the player, who was not alone, in Barcelona in 2017. She said that she had exchanged with Benjamin Mendy’s friend without really having any interactions with the champion. The following year, she traveled to Manchester to find them. The alleged victim claims to have joined them in a restaurant and, when she arrived, she was able to discover that they were playing “at drinking games“. The group then wanted to go to two clubs and in one of them, Benjamin Mendy would have come to say to him: “When he’s not looking, I’ll kidnap you“. A statement that she took for a simple joke.

The alleged victim is not physically present but it is through a video broadcast that she testifies. After leaving the club, everyone went to the home of Benjamin Mendy and the young woman, conscious, maintains that she was drunk. “She says she woke up the next morning, looked at her phone before going downstairs“, relates BFMTV before adding that she then wanted to go take a shower. While she was in the bathroom, she would have seen the champion come in. “She was naked and asks him to leave“, explains the newspaper. Seeing that he did not move, the alleged victim would have put on a towel before grabbing his underwear.”He kept stopping me“, she would have said. Determined to flee, Benjamin Mendy would have been very insistent with her. “I kept pushing him away but he kept grabbing me“, she would have specified. For his part, the football player would have removed his boxers, while assuring him that he had no intention of hurting her.

Benjamin Mendy accused of rape: what disturbing details were mentioned?

Benjamin Mendy has been facing justice since August 10. As reported The Sun this Tuesday, August 15, his home is in the prosecutor’s sights since the player lives in a large mansion in Prestbury, Cheshire, where it is particularly isolated from the neighborhood. In it there is an indoor swimming pool, a gym but also two rooms that are the center of attention. Renowns “panic room“, both cannot be “unlocked only from the inside”, can we read. There is also the fact that alleged victims assured that the footballer took their phone when they arrived at his home. As a reminder, Benjamin Mendy is accused of rape and assault by eight women for acts that allegedly took place between October 2018 and August 2021. He faces life imprisonment. The player remains presumed innocent of the charges against him until the final judgment.

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