Benjamin Mendy trial: the sixth complainant, in tears, sends the player’s lawyer for a walk

Benjamin Mendy trial: the sixth complainant, in tears, sends the player's lawyer for a walk

Benjamin Mendy’s trial continues this Monday, September 5. At the helm, the sixth plaintiff spoke and in particular sent the footballer’s lawyer for a walk, as reported by BFMTV.

In August 2021, Benjamin Mendy was remanded in custody following several rape complaints against him. Eight complainants referred to facts that allegedly took place between October 2018 and August 2021. The hearings began on Wednesday August 10, 2022 and a sixth complainant was heard on Monday September 5. At the helm, the young woman lost her cool, as reported by BFMTV. After talking about an evening that took place in July 2021, she was questioned by Benjamin Mendy’s lawyer. “I woke up and he was on top of me“, she first defended herself against Eleanor Laws who implied that the relationship between her and her client was consenting. “You were having fun, right?“, continued the lawyer. To which the main concerned, in tears, retorted: “I wasn’t having fun, we were just messing around“. Subsequently, Eleanor Laws insists that this sixth victim Returned to Manchester City player’s home eleven times after alleged rape. The lawyer assures that, in her place, she would never have returned. “I’m here to talk about the night I woke up to find someone having sex with me, I’m not here to be grilled“, retorted the alleged victim, who had great difficulty in holding back his tears.

At the helm, the alleged victim is very upset. When images of this evening at Benjamin Mendy are broadcast, the young woman has “burst into tears“, explains BFMTV. At the beginning of her interrogation, she had first indicated that she had had “consensual sex two or three months“prior to the alleged rape.”We had sex, but it was a one night stand“, she continued before assuring that she was sober at the time of the facts. A few months later, she went to the home of Benjamin Mendy after being invited by Louis Saha Matturie, the co-accused of the player, who would have contacted her via the Snapchat application. During this evening, the sixth complainant took advantage of her evening and drank “a glass and a half of champagne“Weary, she remembers being directed to a bedroom”by a man so she can sleep“. While she says she has no memory, she adds that she woke up with Benjamin Mendy “above me“. The footballer would have had “sex with her from behind, without having raised the subject with him before“. She had come with a friend who would also have made allegations against the two men, assuring that she would have been raped.

Benjamin Mendy: what penalty does he incur?

Benjamin Mendy’s trial began on August 10. The footballer is accused of rape and sexual assault by eight women. Facts that would have taken place mainly in his large mansion in Prestbury, Cheshire, where it is particularly isolated from the neighborhood. Six alleged victims have spoken so far. As a reminder, the player risks life imprisonment and he has decided to plead not guilty to all charges against him. He is judged in the company of Louis Saha Matturie who would be his accomplice. For now, both remain presumed innocent of the facts of which they are accused until the final judgment.

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