Before OM – LOSC: is Igor Tudor a cautious coach?

Before OM - LOSC: is Igor Tudor a cautious coach?
Marseille goes from one whole to another. Three days ago, OM found themselves facing a somewhat shy Tottenham, given its status in the group and the identity of its trainer. “Honestly, I don’t think we particularly expected them to be waiting for us.admitted Jonathan Clauss at a press conference on Friday. We imagined them to be more enterprisingThis Saturday (9:00 p.m.), the Marseille club receives Lille which, as since the start of the season, will remain faithful to the ambitions of its coach Paulo Fonseca. The Portuguese had not even denied himself against PSG, agreeing to take a suitcase (1-7).

At first glance, this is rather good news for Igor Tudor. The Croatian technician, attached to his 3-4-3, has not yet found the perfect formula to face low and dense blocks. “We can work on things in training, if the opponent defends five behind and three in front of the defense, you will have to put some movement… If they decide not to go out, it’s very difficult to find the faultnoted the former Lensois. So we have a lot of things to perfect but overall it’s already very coherentOM have indeed fully integrated the ideas of their coach, what is more in a relatively short time, so heavy is the Sampaolian heritage.

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Payet and Gerson have never played together

Nevertheless, the Marseille team has also sometimes lacked a bit of offensive inspiration. This is also one of the reasons why the Marseillais left the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium frustrated. Long before being reduced to ten and suffering the game, OM knew how to dominate the English in midfield and physically, without creating any clear chances. The contribution of Mattéo Guendouzi, the most used player in the striker’s support duo since the start of the season, is in fact more important for pressing than for construction.

Despite a satisfactory first period in London, Igor Tudor did not wish to add the touch of creativity that Dimitri Payet could have brought. The Croat did not want to take the slightest risk with the calf of the Reunionese, who had nevertheless assured, the day before, to be in good shape physically. The former Croatian defender is actually a bit more conservative than his signature pattern suggests. Gerson and payet, its two most creative players, have never started a match together. Since the start of the season, they haven’t even had a single minute of play together.

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In Tudor’s mind, are the two men compatible? “Yes“, he was satisfied to answer, Friday, with a broad smile but without saying more.We are not missing much offensivelyassured Clauss. There are still details to work out. Might need a little more movement.” The Brazilian, the French and Cengiz Ünder, also able to bring more variety, are nevertheless the 11th, 12th and 14th Marseille players in terms of playing time since the start of the season, even if their form has much varied.

OM outperforming

These choices could also be the counterpart of the freedom granted to the two lane players. Nuno Tavares and Jonathan Clauss are among OM’s most dangerous men so far, but they are also the ones whose activity can be more easily limited. Nantes succeeded, Tottenham too. In terms of goals scored, OM are outperforming expected goals (13 real goals, 9.3 “expected goals”) As the season goes on, the task could become more and more difficult for the two full-backs. “The lane players have made the difference and will do so again because they are very strong, reassured Tudor. It’s normal that other teams study us.”

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Saturday, the confrontation against LOSC will therefore offer an interesting challenge to Igor Tudor. The Dogues game, more open, could allow him to push the cursor a little further forward. Especially since Alexis Sanchez, suspended against Tottenham, should regain his place at the forefront of the attack. The Chilean is very mobile and his calls sharp. “The job of a coach is to base himself on his ideas and not on what his opponents will do“, underlined the Croatian. It’s a safe bet that Paulo Fonseca shares this statement. Good news for the show.

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