Beatrice Rosen in love: the TPMP columnist reveals that she was in a relationship with an American star

Beatrice Rosen in love: the TPMP columnist reveals that she was in a relationship with an American star

Thursday September 22, 2022, Beatrice Rosen made revelations on the Touche set not at my post. She confessed to having had several love affairs with celebrities and in particular with an American singer.

For several months, Beatrice Rosen has been a columnist for the team of Do not touch My TVbroadcast on C8. The Franco-American actress was a guest on the set of Cyril Hanouna on Thursday September 22, when she was asked about her love life by the TV host. The opportunity for her to make earth-shattering revelations about his previous relationships. Indeed, she confessed that she had dated several American stars including well-known actors.

Faced with questions from the team of Do not touch My TVthe 44-year-old woman, however, has declined to name names. She said thus: “I don’t want to cause them any problems, there are some who are married today (…) I won’t say names (…) There is one in the lot who is having problems at the moment in the people media“. A claim that triggered many reactions from other reviewers who launched many names like Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio or even Brad Pitt. Faced with all these questions, Beatrice Rosen did not want to confirm anything.

The identity of the American star partly revealed by Cyril Hanouna

After several minutes of reflection, Valérie Bénaïm finally whispered a name, certain to have guessed the identity of the mysterious stranger. An assertion finally confirmed by the main interested party who quickly said:He’s married, but he wasn’t married at the time, so I don’t want to at all [dévoiler son nom]“. She then confirmed that this relationship had been brief and that it was “very cute“. For his part, Cyril Hanouna listened to the name proposed by the journalist and expressed his admiration. “It’s incredible. Know that a little clue and I won’t say anything more, we have the same passion for chestnuts“. Very quickly, he was stopped by Beatrice Rosen who concluded: “Stop it’s really not the time“.

After this moment of questioning, viewers reacted massively on social networks. On Twitter, they unanimously guessed that the American star in question would be Adam Levine. Indeed, the leader of the pop rock group Maroon 5 is currently in turmoil with accusations of infidelity from a model, while his wife Behati Prinsloo is currently pregnant with their third child.

Adam Levine at the heart of a controversy for several days

If Beatrice Rosen may well have dated Adam Levine in the past, the actress and columnist would not want to reveal this relationship today for not to put the singer in even more turmoil. Indeed, the latter was accused on Monday, September 19 by Sumner Stroh of infidelity. On his TikTok account, the model has leaked screenshots of his exchanges with him and explained that he had had a one-year affair with him, while he has been married since 2014 with his wife. After these accusations, five women, including four influencers and a comedian, also claimed receiving inappropriate messages from Adam Levine. What put the guitarist in a lively controversy.

On his side, the main interested party reacted on his Instagram account. He stated : “A lot is being said about me at the moment and I want to ease the tension. I have shown a real lack of judgment in speaking with people other than my wife, and in flirting with them in any way … I crossed the line during an unfortunate period of my life. In some cases, it has become inappropriate; i worked on it and took concrete steps to fix it with my family“. The leader of Maroon 5 then claimed that his wife and two daughters are the most important people in his life and that he would overcome this ordeal by their side.

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