barely released, the series already assailed by trolls

barely released, the series already assailed by trolls
The show’s inclusive biases displeased part of the community loving JRR Tolkien’s work. Matt Grace/Prime Video/Amazon Studios

A validation system for reviews posted on Prime Video was implemented by Amazon this summer to avoid being overwhelmed by pamphleteer or bad faith reviews.

The time for murderous opinions and hateful comments has arrived. Landed Friday on Amazon Prime Videothe first two episodes of rings of power were rather well received by critics who welcomed the promising launch of this adventure with (very) big budget adapted from the work of JRR Tolkien. On the other hand, the reaction of the spectators was more mixed and the inevitable negative feedback began to flow everywhere online. With the notable exception… of Prime Video.

Watched with suspicion for several months already by a fringe of spectators fed at the Lord of the Rings, the series has been particularly bombarded since Friday with hostile reviews on various cultural criticism platforms. The reference aggregators Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic thus displayed, on Saturday, a “spectator score” respectively set at 36% and 2.3 (out of 10), which is considerably less than the press reviews listed. The digital database IMDb, owned by Amazon, for its part, on Friday masked reviews from Internet users rated 5 or less (out of 10). That’s around 20,000 reviews.

Amazon cannot afford to see its series, produced for the astronomical sum of 465 million dollars, suffer from the grunts of a particularly angry part of its public. No comments or opinions on the series-prologue to the trilogy of Lord of the Rings will only be broadcast during the first 72 hours on the platform. Discreetly introduced on Prime Video in August, this security lock between the sending of a review and its actual posting is intended to sort the comments confirmed Friday Amazon to our colleagues from variety.

The criticism will not pass

Depending on the platform, this offset should allow moderators to sort between the messages of bots, automatically generated and sentas well as reviews of trolls, named after hateful, provocative and pamphleteering digital comments. This approach also aims to prevent the series from being the target of “review bombing”, that is, a wave of extreme negative opinions published in a short time due to one controversy or another. But this is precisely what happens elsewhere to rings of power.

The inclusive distribution of rings of power has fueled since the beginning of the year a controversy over the biases of the series and its fidelity – or not – to the texts of JRR Tolkien. Opposite, Sophia Nomvete and Owain Arthur as the dwarf princess Disa and Durin IV. Matt Grace/Prime Video/Amazon Studios

Why so much bitterness? In addition to considerations on the relevance of returning to Tolkien’s work, the presence of colored actors in the role of elves, dwarfs or even hobbits startled some of the fans – film or literary enthusiasts – of the Lord of the Rings. If they are indignant, since the broadcast of the first images of the series, in Februaryof this diversity which would go against Tolkien’s work and inspirations, the inclusive bias has been fully assumed by the Amazon teams, including – first and foremost – JD Payne and Patrick McKaythe creators and executive producers of the series.

“The vision of rings of power does not betray that of Tolkien who preached the unity of peoples to overcome evil, supported at Figaro Morfydd Clark, the interpreter the young elf Galadriel. None of us would have accepted this project if the cast did not reflect diversity to such an extent. This is the basis for 2022.” A point of view which is certainly not that of a large part of the spectators who shared, since yesterday, a negative opinion on the first two episodes. “Everything here screams utter hatred, intolerance towards the literary source, its author and the fans”deplores a user on Rotten Tomatoes. “Wokism has invaded Middle-earth”chokes for a second.

Implemented on August 12 on the occasion of the release of the series A League of Their Own, the device for validating opinions posted by Internet users on Prime Video should thus separate the wheat from the chaff and rule out the most extreme opinions. As could be seen variety, this series dedicated to a women’s baseball team in the 1940s ended up being rated by viewers 4.3 out of 5 on average. Will the system be as effective with the volume of trolls baited by The Rings of Power ? Answer at the end of the weekend.

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