Bank scams: UFC-Que Choisir denounces and attacks these 12 banks, their customers who are victims of fraud

Arnaques : ces 12 banques qui ne remboursent pas leurs clients, l’UFC-Que choisir porte plaintes

Some banks are looking for all possible techniques to not reimburse their customers victims of scams. UFC-Que Choisir denounces in a press release their dubious practices, seeking to blame the victims.

Web scams

The COVID leaves many repercussions since its last big waves. The confinement has greatly changed our daily lives. During this one, we had the opportunity to live in confinement several times. Due to being locked up, many people spend many hours on the web. A real opportunity that the crooks have largely been able to seize. Online scams, by email, by sms and on the internet have spread like the virus. Unfortunately from many people have been victims.

Some scammers pretend to be a parcel delivery company, and thus manage to steal money. Links in emails, or sms are also a very widespread technique. Always check that the source is official, because if you enter your bank account details on this site pretending to be the government, they could well liquidate all your money.

They even used Linky counters to scam many people. These scammers have plenty of ideas, and if you are the victim of a scam, we recommend that you file a complaint and consult your bank to get a refund. But do they actually do it?

Banks and reimbursement

In 2021, during the strongest period of COVID, the Banque de France was able to identify 1.2 billion euros in fraud. More and more, scams claim many victims. In 2020, their figure was 1.3 million, a spectacular increase of 161%, as impressive as it is worrying. But all these victims can normally benefit from a reimbursement from their bank. Unfortunately, many are those who refuse to make any refund.

Legally speaking, they are all under a legal obligation to cover the losses of victims of scams. But there is an exception, if the victim is said to be coupling too much negligence. By this we mean having given his bank details to the scammers. But, what the UFC-Que Choisir precisely denounces this exceptional abuse so as not to have to reimburse the victims.

The 12 banks that do not reimburse after the scam

60% of the 4,300 reports made to UFC-Que Choisir concern fraud with a value greater than €4000. But this prospect does not convince the banks to reimburse the victims who are among their customers. The two banks refusing these reimbursements the most are Banque Postale and Crédit Agricole. To fail in their duty, they make use of the exception, not hesitating to press their customers, saying that they were far too negligent, and that they bear some responsibility for the scam suffered. While too often it’s just a text that the victims have watched.

Source: Pexel

Some other banks justify their non-reimbursement by saying that as double authentication is necessary, if there is a scam it is the fault of the customer and not of the bank which claims to be sufficiently secure. Still others assure that insurance does not cover this and that they therefore have no obligation to reimburse victims of scams.

As for the 12 banks that are the subject of the denunciation of the UFC-Que Choisir, they are the following, La Banque Postale, Crédit Agricole, Banque Populaire, BNP Paribas, Société Générale, CIC, LCL, Boursorama , ING, Nickel, Cetelem and finally Floa Banque.

If your bank is one of them, or not, be extra vigilant about SMS, email and web links that you do not know.

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