AUTOPSIES OF STARS. Grace Kelly, the real person responsible for her death, was it revealed several years ago?

AUTOPSIES OF STARS.  Grace Kelly, the real person responsible for her death, was it revealed several years ago?

On September 13, 1982, Princess Grace Kelly and her daughter fell 40 meters in a car. A look back at the many theories surrounding his death…

Its story has everything of a fairy tale, until that fateful day of September 13, 1982. Grace Kelly was born in 1929 in the United Statesin Philadelphia, and had a meteoric career in the world of cinema from the 1950s. If this is the film Mogambo, directed by John Ford, who made it known, it was then the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock himself who placed it in the rank of myth. Whether in The crime was almost perfect, Window on the courtyard or The hand on the collarGrace Kelly becomes his muse and dazzles the world of cinema with his charm and talent. She even won an Oscar at the age of just 26 for her role in A provincial girl, by George Seaton. But her acting career came to an abrupt end.

A life as an actress versus a life as a princess

It is through numerous contacts and shenanigans that Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier meet in 1955. It will not take them very long to fall in love with each other and announce their engagement at the beginning of 1956. This engagement came, for Grace Kelly, with a price since to become a princess, she agreed toend his film career and to devote himself entirely to his new function in Monaco. It is now from the Rock that she will make her fans dream, who will unfortunately relive in her last moments of life one of her cult scenes from The hand on the collarin which she drives a convertible on the road that connects Cap d’Ail to La Turbie.

A sneaky evil

The twenty years that follow pass in prosperity for the couple formed by Rainier and Grace Kelly, who together have three children: Caroline, Albert II and Stéphanie. It is for the latter that Grace Kelly left the family estate of Roc Agel on September 13, 1982 since her 17-year-old youngest daughter, whose return to school is approaching, must be in Paris on September 15 to start a styling course there. within the house of Dior. Mother of a family and princess of a community, the former actress is stressed and has to travel with a particularly stubborn and rebellious 17-year-old girl. A few years later, her eldest daughter Caroline of Monaco will also declare during an interview that at the time of the accident, Grace Kelly was “incredibly tired. It’s been a very busy summer, she hasn’t stopped going right and left and doing things all summer. She had done too much. She never complained about it, but she was out of shape.”.

Others also report that in the weeks preceding the accident, the Princess of Monaco suffered from severe migraines. An evil whose origin will only be identified after his death. Nearly 40 years after the accident, the cause of Grace Kelly’s death finally seems to have been elucidated. Examinations and operations performed on her when she was hospitalized after her accident revealed that Grace Kelly suffered from a cerebral hematoma which led to loss of consciousness, and therefore loss of control of her vehicle when she was with her daughter in the car. The exact causes of this cerebral hematoma are not known, but the doctors explained that it was already present in the brain of Grace Kelly before the accident. The attack and the accident that followed caused a new brain hematoma in the actress, resulting in a state of brain death. On September 14, 1982, Grace Kelly’s family agreed to disconnect the respiratory aid that kept her alive and it was at 10:30 p.m. that the Princess of Monaco was declared dead. She was 52 years old.

Persistent rumors

Although the cerebral hematoma coupled with extreme fatigue explained Grace Kelly’s accident and her death, many rumors have revolved around this tragedy. The royal family of Monaco has always attracted gossip, and a tragedy like that of the actress was bound to multiply them. One of the tenacious rumors circulating concerns Princess Stephanie of Monaco, whom some have long placed in the driver’s seat in the car, and therefore responsible for the accident. Only these statements have been denied on numerous occasions, not only by the princess herself but also by a captain of the gendarmerie whose colleague had clearly seen Grace at the wheel and Stephanie on the passenger side just minutes before the accident. Hypotheses linked to the mafia or even to the curse of the Grimaldi family continue to circulate and surround this tragedy with a veil of mystery.

A woman like the others

Mystical, iconic and immortal in many ways, Grace Kelly has fascinated in life as well as in death, becoming an unattainable, almost unreal celebrity with her grace, talent and beauty. However, as Stéphanie de Monaco, the only witness to Grace Kelly’s last minutes, had said so well, her mother, a woman like the others, who succumbed to fatigue, stress and stroke which is a cruel reminder of the fragility of every human life. “There was so much magic around mum that somehow some people stopped seeing her as a human being. It was hard for people to accept that something so trivial could happen to her. than a car accident. People thought I had to be responsible, because she was too perfect to make that kind of mistake.”

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