Attention this new SMS can empty your bank account

Arnaque au téléphone : Attention ce nouveau texto peut vider votre compte bancaire

The more time we spend on our smartphones, the happier cybercriminals are! The Objeko team invites you to discover this new SMS scam which is affecting more and more French people of all ages. Follow our instructions carefully to avoid any problems!

Cybercrime: crimes on the rise exponentially

Cybercrime is on the rise! Since the arrival of digital technologies, malicious people have tried to take advantage of security breaches to extort money from their victims. They use all their subterfuges to achieve their ends, and stop at nothing!

The democratization of computers and mobile phones has seen a resurgence of interest by criminals in these deceptive techniques. Smartphones are a perfect platform for scams of all kinds. Fraudulent call, hacked SMS, false promises, everything goes! The main target of its criminals is of course the elderly, who are most likely to fall into the trap. However, no one is safe! From the youngest to the oldest, everyone gets trapped one day or another, even with great care.

Every year in France, several million scams are recorded. Objeko already warned you against this kind of fraudulent behavior not long ago. Criminals pretended to be home delivery companies. In the midst of a pandemic, and with the big boom in the delivery of goods and services during confinement, these scams have flourished! We now warn you against a new scourge which is coming at very high speed in our good old hexagon.

This SMS scam that can cost you dearly!

SMS scams are a favorite of criminals who want your money. Indeed, on our computers, antiviruses are already integrated, and many French people use additional protections. As for telephone scams, these still exist. However, they are more complicated and expensive to set up. The French are also very wary of these calls from suspicious numbers, or asking for sensitive information.

Texting is ideal because most smartphone users don’t have virus protection on their device. They are therefore very easy to infect. As with the SMS scam from people posing as a delivery service, this one adopts a similar concept. This time, the criminals pretend to be a banking establishment. They then ask you to click on a link present in the SMS, which is supposed to send you to the bank’s website. Off, the link actually downloads a virus to your smartphone. This one infects you without you knowing it. If, like many French people, you have a banking application, it could well be infected! Cybercriminals then have access to all your sensitive data, and to your Bank accounts. They can then very easily rob you without you even realizing it!

What to do if you are the victim of an SMS scam?

If you realize that you have been the victim of such a scam, you must act quickly! First, stop using your phone. Objeko advises you to go through your computer to change all your passwords, and to order a new SIM card. If your savings have been extorted from you, then you must file a complaint as soon as possible at the nearest police station! You should also contact your bank, so that they can block any suspicious transactions. With your duly registered complaint, you will be able to be reimbursed for the sums lost.

If you receive a suspicious SMS and you have not yet clicked on a link, you can easily and free of charge find out its origin. Objeko recommends the online platform 33700, which allows you to trace the source of any phone number. Then you can report the suspicious number online to prevent other people from falling for it. You can thus use this same platform, or go to the site Spam flag, which is a platform listing all scams by email or SMS. Being fooled by an SMS is nothing to be ashamed of, and can happen to anyone! The Objeko team hopes that these tips will get you out of this situation quickly.

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