At 17, the woman with “the longest hair in the world” decided to cut it, here is the result

At 17, the woman with "the longest hair in the world" decided to cut it, here is the result

Nicknamed ” Rapunzel by his friends and schoolmates, Nilanshi Patel had not pushed the door of a hairdressing salon for twelve years. Originally from Modasa, in Gujarat, India, the young woman holds the title of Guinness World Records more long hair. ” At six years old, I had a very bad experience in a hair salon local. “, she told AFP. ” Since then I have manyapprehension as soon as it comes to cutting my hair. My parents accepted my choice. Now my hair has become my lucky charm. “, she added.

Last July, just before her 18th birthday, the pretty brunette’s hair reached the size of two meters. This length ensures him the record of the longer hair never seen on a teenager. On the maintenance side, the young woman has always needed the help of her mother. “ I do what every teenage girl. I wash my hair once a week and oil it once or twice a week. “, she explained. She dries them by sitting in the sun or with a hair dryer.

Two meter long hair

Nilanshi Patel also likes vary your hairstyles. If she often leaves her long natural brown hair, she also explains that she sometimes gets more cuts sophisticated. ” Usually I do a mat. To play or for certain occasions, I tie them in hair bun. The only time I have problems is swimming. “, she confided. However, the young Indian recently made a big decision: the cut square !

It took some time to Nilanshi Patel to decide what she was going to do with her hair after the having cut. She hesitated between three options: auctiondonate them to charity or offer them to a museum. She discussed her decision with her mother, Kaminiben. She then pointed out to him that his history and his record could inspire people. Displaying her hair in a museum was, according to her, the best thing to do.

Kaminiben has, like her daughter, long hair. She then promised that in support, she would donate her own hair to a charity. Once the decision was made, the date was set and, before she knew it, her hair was tied back, ready to be cut. ” I am very excited and a little nervous because I don’t know what I’ll look like with my new haircut. So, we’ll see what will happen, but I hope it will be great. “, declared the young girl to the Guinness World Records.

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After the new cut was completed, Nilanshi, blindfolded, was led in front of a mirror to check out her new look. Result: the young woman loved it! ” Oh my god it’s gorgeous ! This is unbelievable. I’m like a little princess! she exclaimed. Her mother, meanwhile, couldn’t help but say that her daughter’s hair were missing. She was the one who encouraged Nilanshi Patel to keep doing grow her hair and to beat world records.

Nilanshi donated her hair to Ripley’s. After being shipped from India to the United States, they will be displayed at Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Hollywood. They will then join the Museum of records Guinness Worlds, also located in Hollywood. Nilanshi is always delighted with her new haircut shorter and can’t wait to see his long exposed locks. His mother also got used to this radical change. She said her daughter looked stunning in her new hairstyle.

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