APL and rent freeze: for the opposition, “the accounts are not good”

APL and rent freeze: for the opposition, "the accounts are not good"

PURCHASING POWER – 3.5% is the figure retained by the executive to strengthen the purchasing power of the French, at least with regard to rents. The Minister of Economy Bruno the Mayor confirmed this Monday, June 27 in the morning, personalized housing assistance (APL) will be revalued by 3.5% and the increase in rents will be capped at 3.5% until June 2023.

“Faced with the increase in prices, we protect the French”, defended Bruno Le Maire by presenting the two key measures of the text of the law focused on purchasing power. INSEE had warned last week against the highest inflation that France has known since 1985, which could reach 5.5% in total over the year.

But the measure, social on paper, has not yet convinced the left opposition, Rebellious in mind. For Manuel Bompart, “the accounts are not good”, he lambasted on Twitter.

The LFI MEP notably endorses a calculation by Manuel Domergue, director of studies at the Abbé Pierre Foundation, who points out that the increase in APL is not aligned with inflation, and that it therefore remains insufficient.

The president of the LFI group in the Assembly, Mathilde Panot, castigates an unbalanced announcement compared to the measure taken in 2017, when the government had lowered the APL, as well as the reforms of the method of calculating aid. The elected also evokes calculations of the Abbé Pierre foundation which reported last February a drop of 15 billion euros in all aid for housing, over the entire five-year period, and therefore not only on the APL.

Another point of tension in the opposition, the disparity between the amount of rent and that of the APL. The announced revaluation of aid remains insufficient compared to the possible 3.5% increase in rents, tance in particular the deputy William Martinet.

Defense of the project

If for the left opposition, the measures are not sufficient enough, among the Républicaion argued “the budgetary requirement” in the face of the debt. “The French debt situation today is very serious (…) The government cannot say: ‘Come on, 30 billion more debt!’ It would be irresponsible”, delayed LR Olivier Marleix, on Europe 1.

On the government side, Minister Amélie de Montchalin is playing appeasement and believes that these two measures are a compromise: “An undifferentiated rent freeze would have penalized a modest owner who lives from renting his property to supplement his retirement and in the same time would favor a wealthy tenant. It wouldn’t be fair”, she defended, before announcing that she would soon receive the tenants’ associations.

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