Alice Detollenaere operated: the darling of Camille Lacourt reveals the consequences of her two mastectomies

Alice Detollenaere operated: the darling of Camille Lacourt reveals the consequences of her two mastectomies

This Sunday, August 14, Alice Detollenaere shared a video of public utility on her Instagram account during which she reveals the consequences of her two mastectomies.

A necessary speech. Alice Detollenaere never wanted to hide her breast cancer. No question that this ordeal she is going through will become a taboo. On the contrary, she wants to raise awareness and also no doubt reassure women who are going through the same thing as her. Thus, as of January 8, 2020, she revealed on her Instagram account that she had her “sick breast“. Since then, the darling of Camille Lacourt continues its fight for life but also for media coverage of this cancer. Last March, she therefore returned at length to the preventive removal of her second breast. Being a carrier of an altered gene that can increase the risk of recurrence, Alice Detollenaere has indeed chosen to have her second breast removed.

Aware that “what we don’t know scares us“, the sublime young woman decided to speak at length during a video published on Instagram this Sunday, August 14 in order toexplain clearly what the consequences of his mastectomies are, both physically and emotionally. Marius’s mother initially evokes a change in feeling. “There is a loss of sensitivity that is irreversible“, she confirms, before assuring: “It doesn’t matter, it has to remain secondary, even if the first few days, you have the impression that you will never get used to it. Don’t worry, we adapt very quickly!“Besides, women have the ability to adapt to all the changes. The same goes for the different movements that are “modified“.

Alice Detollenaere: “It’s not just a pair of breasts”

Anything that solicits the pectoral muscles, it becomes a bit more complicated and a bit more inconvenientsince the prosthesis rests directly on the muscle“, laments Alice Detollenaere. Nevertheless, “we change our movements without even realizing it“, says the person concerned. Between two tips to protect her skin, Alice Detollenaere is keen to address a crucial issue since the one everyone expects: what about aesthetics? “There are waves of the prosthesis visible through the skin“, confirms Jazz’s mother-in-law. But again, it is possible to fix it. “There are cosmetic enhancement operations which are possible by fat injection, for example. You must discuss this with your surgeon since each case is different.“, she advises. Above all, Alice Detollenaere recalls that despite the fact that femininity takes a hit, “it’s not just a pair of breasts.“A message that does good.

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