Alex Goude left by her husband: his heartbreaking secrets about his “painful” separation

Alex Goude left by her husband: his heartbreaking secrets about his "painful" separation

For our colleagues from Gala, Alex Goude returned to his separation with his former companion. The host then reveals that he was forced to return to live with his mother at the age of 40.

Alex Goude has a complicated daily life. Indeed, since his separation with his companion Romain Taillandier in 2016, the host has been forced to live between Paris and the United States to see his son, Elliot: “As the little one is educated in Las Vegas, I alternate fifteen days in France and fifteen days there. After the marriage for all, Romain and I experienced the ‘divorce for all'”he revealed to Gala. If he is happy to see his son, his separation was very “painful”. “In 2016, when Romain left me, it was the worst moment of my life. I was removed from the presentation of France has an incredible talent, a show that I also launched in Las Vegas n’ didn’t work…”, he declares.

So he was forced to make a big decision : “At 40, I went back to live with my mother in Paris.” But Alex Goude could not bring himself to abandon his son: “I found the courage to fight thanks to Elliot. A child gives meaning to life”. After the wounds of love, the animator has resolved to accept the new life of his former companion : “In 2018, Romain remarried Junior, the man he left me for. But in the end we all get along very well. I then suggested buying two houses in the same development, only one street separates us. When I’m in Las Vegas, our son just has to walk across to see his other parent.”

Alex Goude: “It was very complicated to live for him”

A life that suits him, he who suffered when he came outas he had confided to Jordan De Luxe, in his show, broadcast on Télé-Loisirs: “We spent seven years of our life together and the last year, we came out. It was very difficult for him to live. There was no TV presenter who had a child born by GPA, who had said it clearly, I was the first to do it. Suddenly, we were everywhere! You had the star gay couple. It was everywhere, there was Instagram, Facebook, it was thousands of messages”he confided.

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