Albert II, Charlène and their radiant twins for a picnic in Princess Antoinette Park

Albert II, Charlène and their radiant twins for a picnic in Princess Antoinette Park

The tradition has not been lost, despite the years of sleep due to the health crisis. The picnic in the Princess Antoinette park took place this Saturday, September 3, 2022. Prince Albert II, Princess Charlene, Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriel attended this event by mingling with the Monegasques.

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Photos of the princely family at the picnic U Cavagnetu who is making a comeback

This September 3, the Monegasques returned to their habits at Princess Antoinette Park, deprived of their annual picnic for several years. The picnic U Cavagnetu is always a great moment of conviviality, where folklore also has its place. Above all, and as is often the case when it comes to a popular holiday in Monaco, it is also an opportunity to meet the princely family.

The princely family arrives at the entrance to the park to attend the picnic (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

This moment of sharing with the sovereign is so select that it is only reserved for a few thousand Monegasques and their spouses. Monegasque residents, who constitute the largest group of inhabitants of the principality, are refused entry. Entrance to the park is possible only by showing your identity card.

The dancers of the Palladienne welcome the princely couple at the entrance to the park (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

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Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella matched their outfits

Prince Albert II, his wife and their twins arrived at the end of the afternoon. They wore casual and bright outfits. Proof of their complicity, the twins wore matching outfits. The fabric of Princess Gabriella’s dress was the same as that of Hereditary Prince Jacques’ shirt.

Hereditary Prince Jacques, Marquis des Baux, wore a shirt to match the dress of his twin, Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carladès (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

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In 2018, Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella wore traditional outfits. Princess Charlene has also worn the Palladian outfit in the past, like the folk dancers who welcome the princely family at the entrance to the park. Mélanie-Antoinette Costello de Massy, ​​daughter of the Baroness de Massy, ​​and little cousin of the sovereign, also accompanied the princely family.

The presence of Princess Charlene at the picnic was eagerly awaited (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

Hereditary Prince Jacques had very short hair. A hairdresser obviously tried to fix the little mistake made the day before by Princess Gabriella. The 7 year old girl wanted to play hairdresser and cut his own hair and that of his twin brother. It was therefore necessary to cut Jacques’ hair much shorter to hide the scissors.

Several events take place in the park, such as the mass celebrated on the Omnisports Ground, and of course, the opportunity to picnic, while being accompanied by the choir of U Cantin d’A Roca and a jazz quartet, led by a professor from the Rainier III Academy.

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