After using a Nicky Paris shampoo, this French influencer shaves her head: “It was the only solution”

After using a Nicky Paris shampoo, this French influencer shaves her head: "It was the only solution"

This Sunday evening, the episode of Further investigation about the influencers was one of the most anticipated. At 10:35 p.m., many people turned on their televisions to discover the underside of this new profession. “Scams, money and politics: the real business of influencers” subsequently caused a lot of talk. Many sequences have sparked outrage and scandal. Among those who made the most noise? The passage concerning care for hair Nicki Paris.

This is THE brand promoted by almost all influencers from the reality show. You probably didn’t miss it. His famous mud range was, for a while, on all social networks! However, this care would be very bad for our hair.

Having gained popularity during her appearance on the show “Terrible Families: Life in XXL”, broadcast on TF1 for several years, Cindy Reymond quickly became influencer. Present on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, the mother of the family has almost 100,000 subscribers, all networks combined.

“Handfuls of hair starting to fall out”

With so many followers, she was approached by We Events. The influencer agency then offered him a collaboration that would allow him to perceive 100 euros for each video in which she would highlight Nicky Paris shampoos.

Immediately, Cindy Reymond accepted, without suspecting that she would live, because of this partnership, a real hell. The days passed, the mother of the family regularly used Nicky Paris care, then she ended up losing her hair en masse. “The days, the weeks pass, and there, well I realize, in fact, that I am losing mass, so in length behind. And as soon as I get out of the shower, comb my hair, handfuls of hair start to fall out”she confided for the report of France 2.

According to its subscribers, there was no doubt: Nicky Paris shampoos are in question. Many of her followers alerted her in comments, stating that they too had been victims of “big hair loss”, “itching” or even “mycosis” following the use of care products from the promoted brand. by influencers.

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Treatments with harmful ingredients prohibited by law

The young woman then explained through Complément d’Enquête to have contacted We Events who would have advised her to “do what many do: put [ses] products [à elle] in the packaging”. But out of the question for Cindy Raymond to continue this partnership whose contract she broke.

But now, the damage was done, and to put an end to the hair loss, she had to make a radical decision, that of shaving her head! “It’s the only way (…). And for a woman, it’s a shock to have to do that.” she added. the d-day has arrived. be careful with the hair products you use. it can do a lot of damage! #hair #for you #reality show ♬ Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

This is not the first time that the treatments marketed by Nicky Paris have been singled out. Already in 2020, 60 Million consumers sounded the alarm by revealing the presence of harmful and above all prohibited products in the formulation of the products.

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