After the miracle victory of the Blues, the ultra-cash declaration of Evan Fournier!

L'arrière français Evan Fournier a livré une réaction surprise après la séquence lunaire intervenue à l'issue du match des Bleus face à la Bosnie-Herzégovine

The French team is officially in the quarter-finals, after being very scared against Turkey. Asked by Canal+ Sports following the game, Evan Fournier didn’t go out of his way to give his impressions of the match… and took the opportunity to congratulate one of his teammates.

Not necessarily at their best for a few weeks, the Blues still gave us a good scare by winning in extremis in the round of 16 of the Eurobasket, against Turkey (87-86, full summary here). They had to go into overtime to overcome Ergin Ataman’s men, but the victory was at the end to the delight of Evan Fournier and his teammates. The leader of the French selection also returned to the very tense end of the regulatory match, which saw EDF be led 15 seconds from the end, at the microphone of Canal+ Sports (full interview here):

When we saw the referee whistle the unsportsmanlike foul on Timothée Luwawu-Cabarrot (which shocked many people including Luka Doncic, editor’s note), we said to ourselves that it was very badly embarked, yeah. But we waited to see Cedi Osman’s free throws, we saw that he had missed them, and then we knew we still had a chance. After that, we did the right things and we ended up winning.

Vincent Collet’s troops were able to keep a cool head in extra time, even if their opponents did not let go of anything. Salvation came from Rudy Gobert, who was immense throughout the game, finishing with a monumental statistical line (20 points and 17 rebounds). Fournier does not hide it, it is largely thanks to him that the Habs were able to move on to the next round:

Fournier: “Rudy Gobert took us into extra time”

Rudy, it was really him who carried us into overtime, I think he took three offensive rebounds in a row where he scored directly afterwards. He does the dirty work and then it’s our defensive presence, he really played a very big game. He broke his record in the French team in terms of rebounds and he assured the mark. When he manages to combine the two like that, for us it’s great, it makes us better.

We can therefore clearly thank the new star of the Timberwolves, but that does not prevent France from seriously worrying since the start of the competition. Olympic vice-champion, the selection does not seem able to dominate its opponents without contest, it which lost twice in the group stage (against Germany and Slovenia). According to the Knicks star, however, the missions remain unchanged and he firmly believes that his people can finish European champions:

The objective remains to win, you do everything to win. It would have been a real disaster to lose tonight, that’s for sure. But our objective does not change, we are aiming much higher than that. We are not satisfied at all with having won this match.

It remains to be proven in the quarter-finals, where the opponent risks being even tougher than Turkey since the Blues could face the Serbs of Nikola Jokic, who will first have to overcome Italy.

As usual, Evan Fournier went there without waffling when commenting on the performance of the French team. As for the possibility that the men of Vincent Collet end up with the gold medal, it will still be necessary to show a more reassuring face on the rest of the competition.

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