Additional investigation – Julien Castaldi employee of Magali Berdah, revolted Internet users

Additional investigation - Julien Castaldi employee of Magali Berdah, revolted Internet users
In the new issue of

In the new issue of “Complément d’Enquête”, viewers discovered the profession of Julien Castaldi. (Screenshot France 2)

This Sunday, September 11, France 2 is broadcasting a new issue of “Complément d’Enquête” entitled “Clash, money and politics: the real business of influencers”, presented by Tristan Waleckx. This unpublished, urgently deprogrammed last Thursday following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, looks behind the scenes of the activity of these personalities, often from the world of reality TV, who are followed by millions of subscribers on the networks. social and remunerated by specialized agencies, in particular through product placement. While some speakers, such as Magali Berdah, Milla Jasmine or the couple of influencers Alex and Nina threatened the production of the show with reprisals, the investigation notably revealed certain faces of Shauna Events, Magali Berdah’s company . And one of these faces sparked a heated controversy on Twitter.

After “Adieu les cons”, influencer business. This Sunday evening, after Albert Dupontel’s comedy featuring Virginie Efira, France 2 viewers were finally able to discover the new number of “Further investigation“, presented by Tristan Waleckx. This issue was originally supposed to be broadcast last Thursday but it was finally canceled urgently to make way for a special edition dedicated to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. This 52-minute survey, conducted by Rizlaine Sellika and Paul Labrosse, is actually an immersion in the world of influence, television, advertising and brands in the smartphone era. We see behind the scenes of an empire allowing influencers, often personalities from reality TV, to become extremely wealthy by posting videos of a few seconds on TikTok or stories showing their daily lives on Instagram. Routines, looks, diets… you name it! Brands tend to abandon so-called “traditional” advertising formats in favor of agencies specializing in social media influence.

“I don’t know if she sees the bullet she shoots in the foot”

Magali Berdah is one of the best-known faces of influence in France. The businesswoman is now at the head of a company, Shauna Events, owned by the Banijay group, which employs around sixty people and which can boast of a turnover amounting today to 40 million euros. Two months before the controversy opposing him to Booba, the most famous of influencers, former columnist for TPMP (also owned by the Banijay group) on C8, agreed to answer questions from journalists from France 2, in particular about the quality of the products and services sometimes highlighted on the accounts of some of the influencers managed by his agency. During this interview, the business manager agreed to show her premises to the cameras of the show. We then discover certain “talent managers”, responsible for connecting influencers with the products to be promoted, but also sales representatives responsible for finding brands. France 2 viewers were surprised to discover a face that is familiar to them: that of Julien Castaldi, son of Benjamin Castaldi, who explains that he has worked for Shauna Events for four years. If Magali Berdah wants to be anything but a boss, she does not hesitate to be very close to her teams, even if it means triggering a new controversy … The position occupied by Julien Castaldi has indeed scandalized Internet users.

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