a YouTuber sneaks into the enclosure of “Fort Boyard”, the production files a complaint

a YouTuber sneaks into the enclosure of "Fort Boyard", the production files a complaint
Max Von Croft inside “Fort Boyard” in September 2021. Screenshot / Youtube

VIDEO – A year ago, a man who calls himself Max Von Croft visited the interior of the set that usually hosts the filming of the France 2 adventure game.

He sailed 2.5 kilometers in a canoe and climbed about twenty meters abseiling at night to reach his goal. In September 2021, Max Von Croft, a YouTuber from Switzerland specializing in urbex (urban exploration which consists of visiting places and/or monuments that have been abandoned or are off-limits to the public, Ed.) smuggled into the mythical Fort, setting of the France 2 program “Fort Boyard”. During his two-day visit, he filmed the multitudes of rooms in the enclosure before publishing the montage of his video on May 9. ” She may not stay online very long “, he warns in the description.

Headset microphone, camera and flashlight in hand, Max Von Croft visited the Fort in every corner. From Father Fouras’ watchtower, to the program’s canteen, via the infirmary, the make-up and dressing rooms or even the repair and special effects workshops located on the ground floor. Without opening anything so as not to destroy the work of others “, he says in this video of almost 30 minutes.

Like a child amazed at Disneyland, the infiltrator shares his impressions with great spontaneity. ” It’s not that big », « the contrast between the image and the reality is incredible “, ” vsIt’s a delirium, there are technical installations everywhere, huge cables, ultra cheum… (ugly). You never see that on the show “, he launches while underlining the talent of the production. He is sometimes disappointed by the decorations, such as by the central platform in front of the treasure room which is, in reality, not made of stone but of cardboard. ” I felt betrayed phew (sic). Even metal is not metal he says while tapping on the hollow-sounding structures.

His comments are sometimes critical as when he discovered the lodge of the guardian, a ” broom closet ” according to him, or in the pet shop and wild animal where a “pungent odor” is felt. He also notes the presence pitiful cages “. ” There are fucking giant dead cockroaches, they are everywhere even on the terrace “, he spotted again. Only the cells of the Fort are not revealed. ” Because you risk being extremely disappointed, it’s just cardboard “, he justifies. On the other hand, using a drone, Max Von Croft films the place in aerial view. A controversial practice. To capture the image of a historical monument, considered as private property in the public space, authorization is required.

“Don’t send me your lawyers please!” »

Max Von Croft at ALP

Aware of not being completely in the nails, the man with 10,000 subscribers on YouTube decides, at the end of his video to speak directly to the production of “Fort Boyard”, Adventure Line Productions: ” It was an adventure that was far too tempting for me to pass up on this opportunity. With the name of your box, you should understand the concept and the approach. I hope we can discuss in a courteous way without you complaining “, he hopes. ” You can consider this video as a resume. It may be a little pretentious but at least you have a small sample of my skills “, he tries.

And to add: I just hope this video doesn’t freak you out. Thank you for your show anyway, without “Fort Boyard”, I don’t know if I would have been so adventurous “, he confides, specifying that he watched the program as a child in the company of his grandparents. ” And don’t send me your lawyers, please “, he still launches to ALP.

His appeal was not heard. According The Parisian, ALP filed a complaint last May after the broadcast of the video, suspended for a time, then put back online. ” What he did is ultra-dangerous, it’s unconscious“Explains a spokesperson for the company led by Alexia Laroche-Joubert to our colleagues. ” He could have fallen while climbing the wall. The phone does not pick up everywhere inside, if there had been a problem, no one would have known. »

With this complaint, our primary goal is to mark the occasion and above all to dissuade other people from having the same idea. We want to avoid potential dramas in the future. We don’t want to find a corpse in the Fort “, testifies ALP again to the daily, while specifying that the security systems have since this intrusion been reinforced. Max Von Croft who swears to have stolen and damaged nothing on the spot will be tried in mid-September. According to our information, he risks a symbolic fine of a few hundred euros.


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