a depressive comeback for the animated series

a depressive comeback for the animated series

Season 6 of rick and morty picks up where the previous one left off, but doesn’t solve all of the duo’s problems.

Summer is ending, the planet continues to burn, inflation will have our skin… Don’t panic, there is always rick and morty. Against winds, tides and probably nuclear counter-attacks and climatic apocalypse, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon will continue to lead their famous duo on improbable adventures. According to them, the series could last “indefinitely”one season per year. The sixth started this September 5 2022, right in the middle of the monumental duel between HBO and Amazon. But do you need a dragon when you have a flying saucer?

Rick and Morty: PicturesWhat can go wrong?

A new beginning

The last two seasons of Adult Swim’s flagship series (definitely to follow right now since the platform also hosts the incredible Primal) started on the wheel caps. We still remember Edge of Mortythe episode with the brilliant idea of ​​the crystal of death and the azimuth parody of Akira, or of The Ricksins of Wrath and his pastiche of Namor. This season 6 does not have the means to afford such a screenplay show of force: she must continue the adventure started in the memorable two previous episodes.

Because of the notorious Evil Morty, the divorce between Rick and Morty is healed, the Smith/Sanchez family divided, old wounds reopened, the Citadel devastated and – most terrible of all – the portal gun is out of order. It was the first time since the glorious end of season 3, or even since its first cliffhanger (which Morty will not fail to refer to), that rick and morty also delved deep into his own DNA. However, there is no question here of causing even more damage to your cortex (remember: you had to hang on in the season 5 finale of rick and morty).

Rick and Morty: PicturesBig atmosphere

Screenwriter Albro Lundy couldn’t get away with a classic adventure, such as the series has been content with for just under 20 episodes. This introduction aims less to demonstrate to who still needed it (i.e. no one) his comic power and his narrative mastery than to explore the direct consequences of the end of season 5 cataclysm. A kind of epilogue by way of introduction that will delight those who criticized the two previous seasons for not exploiting the previously established narrative arcs.

Except that necessarily, the humor is a little less incisive than usual, where SamouRick Jack replaced it with an unexpected emotion and a quite striking meta vertigo. The first part inserts a few funny jokes, but focuses on reuniting the family. We have to wait for the last minutes to find a pure concept at the rick and mortypushed as usual to its limits, with maximum cynicism.

Rick and Morty: Picturesbeth and villain

Horizon: zero

These twenty minutes therefore stage a reconciliation, not to say a return to normal… or almost. Because they confirm the (temporary?) removal of the almost MacGuffin giving its identity to the series: the famous portal-gun, which allows Rick to travel between dimensions and therefore launch the majority of the duo’s adventures. Deprived of their toy, our heroes must find each other and laboriously retrace their route in this gigantic interdimensional orgy that we have all learned to appreciate.

Rick continues his descent into hell in his past, downright flirting with depression. Enough to make us understand once and for all that this tyrannical grandpa is not an alcoholic just to make the public laugh at each burp, and that he can be cruel to himself as much as to others. In the same way, Morty learns to “let go”, Beth defends her strengths and Summer affirms her place in the family. The series continues to inject a bit of seriousness into its stakes and therefore to revisit its past accomplishments from a psychological, if not downright melancholic, angle.

Rick and Morty: PicturesWelcome to Season 2

The time when Rick was capable of anything is definitely over and his facade nihilism no longer holds. Stripped of his most famous gimmick, he is forced to cross the famous border of the universe where he is the best and accept his fragility. No one believes his last lines anymore. So it’s a new start for the universe of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. A much less carefree new start, aware of the humanity of the characters, finally reunited.

Although the two creators are counting on more than 1000 episodes, we must recognize their ability to work a little more on their work with each iteration, even if it means sending back the violence of what made them laugh in the past. A fascinating bet that we hope will be met in the sequel, which will have to rethink the classic pattern of episodes. We will still be here in a hundred years.

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