81-68… 3rd victory in a row… it’s better!

81-68... 3rd victory in a row... it's better!

It was absolutely not necessary to miss, and to add a little difficulty to the thing the Bosnians had not come to do sewing. Obligatory victory this afternoon for the French team and victory finally obtained in this fourth pool match, mentally, after having (again!) scared us after half-time. Everything is hard but it wins, and that’s the main thing.

The stats of the third consecutive victory of the Blues is RIGHT HERE

He was tricky this match, against grognards who had hit us ten days ago in Sarajevo, against guys who knew how to take us and to whom a success would have guaranteed qualification for the knockout stages. Two wins and one loss for each side in the in-between, and two hours later it was therefore France that carried out the good operation of the day, which also greatly arranged the affairs of the Lithuanians who had come to give voice to Cologne, we will come back to this later.

The game ? A proposal rather specific to the French, in several stages all the same. The start, the Blues are in place but quickly lose too many balls, well we have already seen that somewhere. 19 everywhere after a quarter then, little by little, the rotations have their effect and the Bosnian lack of depth collides with the envy of the French substitutes. Moustapha Fall admires his offensive baggage, Thomas Heurtel starts what will end up being his best game of the tournament (14 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists in 31 minutes), while Vincent Poirier stands out once again with his energy in attack. Lhe backcourt once again empowered from the outset by Collet – Andrew Albicy and Terry Tarpey – is infernal in defense and the two also allow themselves to light a few wicks in attack, Rudy Gobert starts with a bang and Guerschon Yabusele will imitate him a little later, while captain Fournier also takes his responsibilities at the best time after having exceeded the 1000 point mark with the selection. The first half ends with a first sketch offered by Jusuf Nurkic who takes a technique for flopping, the Blues lead by ten points and the compote of the break is pleasant.

Unfortunately and like every game since the start of this Euro, the French will know a big black hole and it will be for the exit of the locker room, with a 13-0 sent by the Bosnians straddling the second and third quarters. John Roberson pounded from the resumption, Dzanan Musa was muzzled but especially in attack, France could not do it anymore. Eight points scored over the whole period, 24 second clocks forgotten at the end of time out and a terrible clumsiness, perfect cocktail to see Bosnia come back in front at the start of the last quarter, bad news when you know that Jusuf Nurkic put down his clown nose and his crocodile tears to start sending dirty. Two consecutive award-winning baskets for Jusuf, the Blues are at their worst but not at all, we got you, in fact that’s all it took to pique the pride of a team that plays decidedly reaction. Thomas Heurtel alternates the distribution and the scoring, Guerschon puts on his costume as an offensive lieutenant with a Vavane who recovers the keys to the cametard, and as if by magic the return of intensity in defense coincides with easy baskets in front. How simple basketball is sometimes.

The huge run placed in the last quarter will allow the Blues to experience a quiet end to the match, it’s been a long time, and that’s how we find ourselves with 3 wins and 1 defeat after a start to the competition, however digoulache, with nevertheless a shock tomorrow against Slovenia that will have to be played as a final to avoid any additional difficulty for the future. Come on, let’s get out the calculators and imagine the scenarios for tomorrow? Oh no, we win tomorrow and then we’ll see.

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