50 shades of Grey: the heroine recounts the galleys of filming – Actus Ciné

50 shades of Grey: the heroine recounts the galleys of filming - Actus Ciné

Actress Dakota Johnson confided in the complicated backstage of the saga “Fifty Shades of Grey”, in which she played the heroine, Anastasia.

Any backstage fuss on Fifty Shades? Actress Dakota Johnson, the interpreter of Anastasia Steele in the 50 shades of Gray trilogy has just confided in Vanity Fair on the details of his filming experience on the saga, which has obviously not been easy.

Adapted from three best-selling novels, 50 Shades of Gray and its sequels tell the story of a passionate and sexual romance between a rich young man who loves women, and a 22-year-old virgin student.

“I am a sexual person and when I am interested in something, I want everything to knowsays Johnson. “That’s why I made these important films naked. [Mais] I signed on for a very different version of what we ended up doing.”

Indeed, shortly before filming, Charlie Hunnam, approached to play Christian Grey, was forced to give it up for scheduling reasons, as he would later confide to Insider :

StudioCanal / Aidan Monaghan

Charlie Hunnam

“I had to do the filming of the end of Sons of Anarchy on a Friday evening, fly to Vancouver on Saturday to start filming 50 shades on Monday, having missed the first week of rehearsals, wrap it up on a Wednesday and Monday next, start playing Crimson Peak in Toronto. I was honestly close to a nervous breakdown.”

According to Dakota Johnson, the departure of the actor is badly experienced by the author of the EL James novels, also co-screenwriter on the films, who is ready to throw away his script. The shooting ends up seeing the light of day after the choice of Jamie Dornan to play Christian Grey. But on set, EL James gets into the habit of constantly rewriting his story:

She had a lot of creative control, every day she asked for certain things to be shot. Some parts of the books didn’t work for a movie, like the interior monologues, which were completely corny at times. They didn’t walk orally and it was a constant fight. Permanent.

Remember that EL James, Erika Leonard of her real name, was also the producer of the film. She therefore had a lot of power on set, which was not to everyone’s liking:


Erika Leonard (aka EL James), Dakota Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson

“We did the takes of the film that Erika wanted to do, then we did the ones that we wanted to do for the film. The day before, I rewrote the scenes with the old dialogues to be able to add a line here and there. mess time”.

Because of this fact, the director of the first film, Sam Taylor-Johnson, who had a completely different vision of the books than her author, left the project after making Fifty Shades of Gray a huge success at the box office. On both sequels, she was replaced by James Foley, but Taylor-Johnson’s departure created a void that Dakota Johnson recalled:

It was different doing these weird things with a man behind the camera, it was a different energy. There are things I can’t say yet because I don’t want to hurt any career or anyone’s reputation, and Jamie and I have been treated very well.

Johnson implies that the filming was not easy for some people on the team, but does not go further. Today, with hindsight and despite the difficulties, she tries not to reject this saga which revealed her to the general public and ends her interview with these words:

“I don’t think it’s a regret. If I had known at the time how it was going to be, I don’t think anyone would have. We would have thought ‘no, it’s psychotic’. But No, I do not regret anything”.

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