25 years later, this is what the actors look like

25 years later, this is what the actors look like

Our beautiful family is part of cult family sitcoms of the 90s. The series rocked a whole generation of viewers on M6. What has become of the emblematic characters of the blended family? 25 years later, we reveal to you what the actors look like today and the rest of their careers.

Before playing Frank Lambert, Patrick Duffy was already a very famous actor in the 90s. He notably played the character of Mark Harris in the series The Man from Atlantis. He is best known for his interpretation of Bobby Ewing in dallas from 1978 to 1991. He continued his career in Love glory and beauty, before resuming his flagship character in the remake of dallas. Now 73, the actor has no intention of ending his career. acting career.

“Our beautiful family”: The Lambert-Foster family that has become emblematic

Suzanne Somers portrayed the role of Carol Foster-Lambert in the series. She is now 75 years old and is less present on the screen. After the series, she continued her career actress, on television and in the cinema. However, she struggled to bounce back and find a Premier role. She is the author of several books, including two biographies. In 2015, she also participated in the American version of the 20th edition of Dancing with the stars on the ABC channel.

Staci Keanan played the character of Dana, Carol’s eldest child, an intelligent and independent young woman. The actress started her career in commercials and a few television appearances. After the filming of Our beautiful family, she went to college and graduated in law from the University of California. She has been called to the California bar since 2013 and has opened her own law firm in Los Angeles under her real civil name, Anastasia Sagorsky.

A sitcom that marked the 90s

Brandon Call played Frank’s eldest child, John Thomas Lambert. We have also seen it in the series Magnum and Baywatch. Brandon Call, however, did not pursue his acting career after Our beautiful family. Its current activities remain mysterious even if information shared by fans on certain forums claims that he would work today in his father’s garage, based in Saint-Louis-de-Kent in Canada.

Brendan Lambert is Frank’s youngest child. Aged seven at the start of Our beautiful family, Josh Byrne did not continue in the middle of the cinema or the television. When the series changed broadcast channels in the United States, the character was ousted from scenarios. He still had time, in his youth, to shoot in a few episodes of Madame is served and The Family Man. What he did next remains a mystery, except that he now lives in the Californian town of Thousand Oaks.

What happened to Franck and Carol’s children?

Christine Lakin played Franck’s youngest tomboy, Alicia Lambert. Unlike some of her classmates, she continued her acting career. We could see it in 7 at home, The experts, The Miami Experts, Valentine or NCIS. Christine Lakin has lent her voice to many video games such as Medal of honor or Uncharted golden abyss. She also has created the podcast Worst Ever Podcast in which it involves celebrities to talk about difficult times in their lives.

Christopher Castile played the youngest of Carol’s children, Mark Foster, the nerd of the family. He already had several experiences under his belt before turning in Our beautiful family. He nevertheless decided to end his career after the end of the series. It is then became a teacher in political science at Biola University, a California-based institution.

Sasha Mitchell played the character of Cody Lambert, Frank’s nephew. The character was ousted from the series at the end of season 5. He made appearances in different series such as Emergency room, JAG or New York font blues. In 2019, he toured with Salma Hayek and Alec Baldwin in comedy Drunk parents. He is now 54 years old and has also become bodybuilder.

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