📰 Editorial: Toulouse at the dawn of a new day

📰 Editorial: Toulouse at the dawn of a new day

Who would have believed it ? Two years after leaving the elite through the back door, on the evening of the second day of Ligue 1, the TFC finds itself tied for fourth, behind Paris Saint-Germain, Marseille and Lille. I can already hear the “butterfly minutes, it’s only the second day, let’s not get carried away”. Well me, on the contrary, I want to take the opposite course and ignite myself.

What we saw on Sunday afternoon on the lawn of the Aube stadium was a match that looked like one of the many that the Violets had outclassed last year. And for good reason…

Imperials in the middle, Spierings and Dejaegere shine

Like the successful match against Nice, our Toulousans looked Ligue 1 in the eye and with seriousness. As proof, the fanfare return of Captain Dejaegere put the church back in the middle of the village in the eyes of those who doubted him. Author of a major performance in the midfield (like Stjin Spierings), the Belgian splashed his talent in a game that Bruno Irles’ Trojans did not want to fight hard anyway.

This TFC is scary offensively and the Aube coach was not mistaken. By lining up an eleven made up of a five-man defense and only hoping to counter with the speed of Baldé and the vista of Tardieu, Irles shot himself in the foot. It was enough for Aboukhlal (much better since he swapped with Ratao in first) to bring the blow. On a beautiful movement, his cross from the left pushes Yasser Larouci to commit the irreparable (36th) first, before his self-sacrifice allows the Brazilian Ratao to offer his first goal in Ligue 1 on a plateau (54th).

Uppercase Nicolais, Rouault and Sylla more inside

If the multitude of games in triangle, duplication and deep catches made the heads of the Trojans spin, the fact does not prevent them from failing, on several occasions, to open the scoring. Mama Baldé was only deprived of a ready-made goal by the excellent tackle of Rasmus Nicolaisen, the man of the match for Violets. Taken over the dribble of the center-forward, Anthony Rouault had, before that, already been too naive on a cross from the corridor of Sylla, and on which the same Baldé had missed the inevitable at the penalty spot .

Not very successful and fortunately moreover, Baldé will even think of equalizing before seeing the Guinean side catch up with an average match so far by saving on his line. Things to review behind, therefore.

Is flaming necessary?

Once the goals from Ratao and Healey (85th) were scored, the score reflected the face of the game much better. However, what should we remember from this 0-3?

For my part, I will remember that Toulouse is, once again, present in the matches that matter. Taking three points from a competitor for maintenance is not insignificant, especially in this way.

The Toulouse midfielder is perhaps the best in Ligue 1 behind the Parisian ogre and the Marseille and Lille tridents. If with these two matches the Téféciste board does not align the euros to extend its captain and the two Batavians, it is because it is high time to return to investing in New York baseball.

Obviously, we are happy. We didn’t expect such an easy game, but it shows how strong we are. And I think we can do better.

Stjin Spierings at La Dépêche du Midi

Thjis Dallinga was the author of a good match. Interesting in discount, this young player pleases me. In the radius of satisfactions again, Mikkel Desler will have been faithful to himself, just as much as his counterpart on the left side, but in the bad sense of the term…

So yes, let’s ignite and don’t play low gear! The next obstacle is called Lorient, Sunday. In lack of rhythm because deprived of their meeting against OL this weekend, the Hakes will not be to be taken high, especially since they have already hung Stade Rennais on their hunting board outside of Moustoir this season. If successful, Toulouse will then be able to calmly consider a reunion with Nantes d’Alban Lafont before receiving PSG for a shock of the champions.

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